In Which I Discourse About Crystals.

One of the areas of study that I’ve been very interested in for a long time has been crystals. I’ve always had a thing for them. I’ve loved stones even as a child, but those stones were mostly me picking things up from the ground and wondering what was inside of them. I always tried to find stones with quartz flecks within for whatever reason. I don’t, in all honesty, know why I’ve had a thing for crystals and stones for as long as I can remember. I guess it’s just yet another thing that my subconscious has been saying, from the get-go, to take a peek at and I’ve just been too lazy to do more than buy a few here and there.

I have a crystal collection, actually. Well, it’s not really a collection because I have Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App seven types to choose from, however, I have a metric shit-ton of those specific crystals. My “collection” has mostly been stalled at this point because I have so many that I want to purchase and all at once. I want lapis, carnelian, selenite, tiger’s eye, hematite, bloodstone, and a full list of others that I can’t list at the moment. The reason I haven’t really purchased anymore than the ones I have is mostly budget constraints but also because I don’t really know what the hell I’m doing. This has made it so that while I want to purchase these things, look into it, and start working heavily with crystals (such as using hematite to help me ground, for example), I just don’t know if I can or will.

Lazy. It’s a disease, I tell you.

The thing is that I don’t really know what the hell I should be paying attention to, as far as reference material goes. There are so many different books out there about crystals, stones and what-all they’re capable of doing. I’ve read three separate books who have listed different purposes for the same stone. Who the hell do I believe in all of this? Who is the better expert? Who is the wiser expert? And above all, why should I be listening to them?

On the heels of that, of course, is the simple thought that if I could figure out how to “tune into” the vibrations behind these crystals, then I could formulate my own opinions. Of course, I don’t really know how to do that. (Yet another issue with my being unable to ground and center? Maybe. But, I’m told not to worry too much about that, so maybe not.) And whether or not I want to put that kind of effort into this comes to mind, as well. Sure: I think crystals and whatnot are all fascinating stuff. However, do I have the patience to put that kind of energy into learning this kind of thing?

The world may never know.

One day, though, I think I’ll have the collection that I want. And one day, pigs might fly. In the mean time, I order what I can piecemeal.


16 thoughts on “In Which I Discourse About Crystals.

  1. I was going to be a geologist… then life happened and I had to drop out of school. And then when I went back I changed directions.

    I love stones and rocks and crystals too. :) I’ve always brought them home. My house has rocks on pretty much ever shelf.. moving them is … well its a pain but I loves them. lol.

    As for reference material… as with anything I will read a few and see which one seems to sound right to me and what feels right. I have a book I love. Its “healing crystals and gemstones” by Dr. flora Pescheck-bohmer and Gisela Schreiber.

    Its simple, has pics, some good actual science info and then a bit about healing and the history of the crystal. Its my starting point before I head off to other books to compare and check things out.

  2. I find that I work with my intuition on such matters. Some things I read about stones do conflict with other information. It can be frustrating, but if you follow what instinctively feel right to you, you will find you know more than you think.

    Also, I find that I deal with my desire/need to have many different stones by choosing one sort of meditation or working that I want to do, getting the stone(s) for that, and working with it until I feel that I understand it. Then I get another. However, there are times that I do just buy impulsively…..

  3. Ok…I got this one! ;-) There are thousands of books out there. Thousands of thousands. I started researching rocks about 10 years ago…maybe more even…when I started making jewelry. *shrug* You make stuff with stones, people ask you what they’re good for, y’know?

    You need a book with *good* pictures, and as many *good* pictures of as many different stones as you can. Everyone and their aunt seems to love the Melody books, but there aren’t any pictures at all, which pisses me off no end. A book with scientific information is also VERY VALUABLE. Not only because it’ll give you hints about why things actually, scientifically work (like rocks high in lithium are good for depression ) as well as how *not* to clean them (any rock with a high salt content should *not* be washed or soaked in water).

    As far as what they’re good for…yeah, you can read about that until your eyes bleed. I’ll happily email you what I’ve got on it in my files if you want it. Might save a dinari or two on books. I can’t promise that the info is good, or that it’s all-encompasssing, but I’m happy to share.

    BE CAREFUL. There are some scams out there. I had a friend who was a rock hound and used to sell stuff at the gem shows. They can smell a “new ager” at about 30 paces and yes, they do make up things. There was a certain variety of white quartz, for instance, that was being peddled to the new agers as something else…angelite maybe?…and it was all hokum created & promoted by immoral rock hounds trying to make a buck off of metaphysically interested people. To quote Mr. Barnum, “there’s a sucker born every minute.”

    There’s a reaaaaaaally good book…that takes the critical point of view to stone use as well. I’ll have to find it to get the naem of that for you, because I highly recommend you read the other side of the story as well.

    In the end, to me it’s much like learning the tarot was. A little background, know what the average person says about it…and the rest is instinct.

    Oh…one more thought. A lot of the common info on stones all comes from the same source…I think its called the Curious Lore of Stones, not sure. But the writer’s last name is Kunz, I’m sure of that. Of course, those books are all in the basement! Sheesh!

    Sorry for hijacking your blog. I’ll now return everyone to their regularly scheduled author…

    • I think it’s the thousands of books that really puts me off. I’m a big fan of Cunningham so I tend to go with what he says in regards to herbs. I’ve read some other non-Cunningham crystal books (like The Crystal Bible, f’ex) and I wasn’t overly impressed. I assume I’ll pick up his book (ONE DAY!) and read that from cover-to-cover like I did with her herb book. That’s one book I want at the top of my list, besides the one that Cinn recommended.

      There was a certain variety of white quartz, for instance, that was being peddled to the new agers as something else…angelite maybe?…and it was all hokum… THIS. This is why I’m so leery about things. I had heard about this, actually. I read an article about it in tandem with people who make up names for old stones just because they think they have the right. Or, because they think they’ve found something new, when in fact that’s far from the case. This is why I only get my stones from one source ( and it’s a non-profit so that makes me feel better.

      Hijack away!

      • Its good to have a trustworthy source. There’s a lot of stones that are dyed or heat treated to look like other stones, as well…so good that you’re keeping on your toes! I actually like the pictures from “Crystal Bible” but I’ll agree with you that the text is bunk. Nice to have decent pictures tho.

        I’m going to recommend a pendulum…again. Because I can’t meditate worth shit either. I’ve discovered, at least in my life, there are people who go to the spirits…and people who have the spirits come to them. I can’t go to the Spirits, but I can talk to them! Grab a pendulum & a stone & start asking questions…its a great way to get started. At least that way you can try doing something while you learn to master meditation ;-)

        • I actually do have a pendulum. Arienwen bought it for me some years back. It’s a bloodstone pendulum and mostly sits gathering dust beside my Sekhmet statue. (She hearts her bloodstone… She has a bloodstone pyramid and ball, as well.)

          I’m not sure what to look for in a pendulum that I would actually use. Recommend?

  4. That’s an interesting question. Many people have said that they can only use this stone or that stone, and some even suggest that using a metal or wood one is better because it is “neutral.” For myself, I’ve never picked up a pendulum I couldn’t use; I’ve even used my pentacle necklace in a pinch! Seriously, anything on a string will work. I even make my own now…out of stone beads or even glass.

    If you’re not near a store where you can actually try them first, I would say first look for one that has a stone that calls to you. My first pendulum was made out of an old tear-drop amber earring…I’m pretty partial to amber. Otherwise, amethyst and crystal are pretty well renowned for pendulum use. Amethyst has always been associated with the psychic realm, and the third eye. Crystal is known for focusing energy and the crown chakra. That’s probably why those stones are preferred. But I’ve known people who use all sorts of stones successfully; tigers eye, sodalite, hematite…you name it.

    Just like Tarot, you might find that you go through five or six before you find one that’s “right” for you…and you might pick one up and have it work right away. I think a lot of it is whether or not you believe they will work, that seems to be the only reason one works better than the other for many people.

    So after all that typing…my advice? Just start trying…! ;-)

  5. Hey! Thought hit me almost literally in the middle of the night. If you don’t find one you’re immediately drawn to, try Lapis lazuli. It was the big stone back in Ancient Egypt, after all…so it might vibe better with your peeps. Just a thought!

    • Thanks! Don’t you love how random things just show up in the middle of the night?

      It’s actually because of my obsession with Sekhmet that I’m so into carnelian and bloodstone! I’ll look into lapis, though. I’ve always loved the color.

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