Pagan Blog Project: C Is For Cabinet.

I’m sorry this post is so late. I’ve been dealing with a lot of issues all at once, which has left me in a near-to somnambulance state.

Filled with implements.

When you think about cabinets, the idea is usually associated (at least in my case) with what you would find in your kitchen. A bunch of cabinets filled with dishes and cereal and pots. However as time has gone by, I’ve noticed a general need of cabinetry to house more than just what I need to cook with or on. And it might just be me, but it seems to me that cabinets are littered all throughout this whole paganism shtick. We’ve got them for herbs, for ritual tools, for candles, for books, and for a myriad of other things. It seems to me like they’re pretty damn important. And of course, this isn’t something that would have occurred to me at any point until recently.

As I’ve said and shown in pictures, currently, my goddess(es) lives on top of a cabinet.

The cabinet prior to completion.

Originally, I wanted to turn it into a naos for my akhu. The neighbors across the street had left this pretty ugly and out-dated white cabinet on the side of the road when they were moving. I saw the possibilities for it immediately: I would paint it deep blue and stamp gold stars across it. I wanted the stars as seen on night frescoes from ancient Egypt, so that part has been left in the dust. I painted it navy blue with that spray paint that can be used on every surface… and left it to sit in my closet for months on end.

It was only with Papa Legba coming into my life that I finally pulled it out for use.

Currently, the space is small and cluttered, both on top and within. I have ritual implements and books upon books as well as candles and incense all littered within. Across the top, I have all the little things that my gods and my Lwa have accumulated in the few months that they’ve been living “together.” I look at it often (it being in the most public space in my house that I could come up with… so that I’d be sure to give offerings daily as I had said I would) and I think about all the things I truly want. I want cabinets. I want a plethora of them, but the dark blue cabinet with the peeling paint? That’s not quite what I had in mind…

Now, when I first started doing this whole thing, I wanted to have a full-blown shrine for Sekhmet.

In the ancient world, it was often referred to as a naos. This word is of Greek origin and literally means shrine. From my understanding, which has mostly been due to reading historical fiction, it is where the Holy of Holies lives. In other words, a type of cabinet that is kept private for only priests (in ancient Egypt and I’m sure other cultures) coud look upon the face of the god. In ancient Egyptian culture (specifically Ptolemaic), the naos was kept in complete darkness to symbolize the world prior to creation. In the room, also known as a cella, there were many box-like cabinets to house the gods.

And from the get-go, this is what I wanted for my goddess. I had read numerous books that described the gods living in these shrines and it really resonated with me. It seemed like it was the right way to go about things. Though Sekhmet lives on top of a cabinet at present, I’ve never given up my thoughts on having a little shrine, similar to a naos. It’s just a matter of turning dreams into reality…

13 thoughts on “Pagan Blog Project: C Is For Cabinet.

  1. wow, you know I have wanted a cabined to use as a shrine since I’ve first decided I was going to change my altar in something a lot less wiccan, and I had no idea there were such precedents in Greece and Egypt.

    Kudos to you for having enlightened me.

  2. I want more cabinets. I have a kar shrine (Egyptian equivalent to ‘naos’) that hangs on the wall.. but I want a larger cabinet to sit on the ground beneath it. I currently haven’t found what I’m looking for. But one day, I will. And it will be filled to the brim with lots and lots of stuff.

    Of course, for me, just having the statues in a cabinet is nice. But as always, I want more. :3

      • I thought about a bathroom cabinet, but Set was a stickler about wood. I know someone else who has a small cabinet nestled inside of a large entertainment styled cabinet… so it’s really secluded. I like that idea, too.

        I considered an entertainment cabinet, or an armoire. But it hasn’t worked out for me yet. So here I am.

        • I honestly don’t know where to find items that are honestly wood anymore. Everything is made of that cheap, fake crap.

          I like the nestled shrine idea! Isn’t that Bezenwepwy that has that?

      • Yup, it’s Bezen’s shrine. Her’s is a Butsudan, at least the inner one is.

        Wood… I got mine at Cost Plus World Market. Often times looking into antique shops helps. Sometimes Craig’s List has stuff, too.

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