Strange Things With Legba.

I got up this morning with full intent to go about my duties. After giving Legba his coffee, I noticed something in his glass of rum. Upon close examination, I found it to be mold. I stared at the mold all-accusatory like and then stared at his section of altar space with similar look. Quickly, I rushed to Ghede’s altar to search for similar issues. However, the peanuts and rum over there is without mold. So, this was a pure Legba occurrence.

I’ve pulled the glass and set it aside for serious and necessary sanitizing. I figure that something that’s never happened before has a meaning of some sort. It’s a matter of figuring it out.

1. He’s displeased because I took a day for myself yesterday. There were no offerings to anybody. I just remained a stationary lump on the couch all day.

2. He’s displeased with what he thinks is me not listening to what he’s had another servant of his tell me.

3. This is him telling me to fuck off.

I prefer reason number one, for obvious reason. That is easily rectified. The second reason is a little more distressing (and probably closer to accurate). It’s also not very fair of him to ask me to do something that I don’t do: give up without trying every possible avenue first. And the last reason is odd, though also possible.


20 thoughts on “Strange Things With Legba.

  1. 4. Could be that Papa Legba is working? Sometimes things like that in the offerings are evidence of something he’s “caught”…protecting you or the house or whatever…possibly bad spirits or something…

    A thought to consider

    Also in Haiti, Papa Legba doesn’t drink so it could be that. You could try Sugar Cane Syrup because that’s what they give him…?

    • I definitely like your possibility four! And I never think of him as more than ‘the guy with the offers’. That’s probably why I didn’t consider it. Although, I don’t know WHAT he’d catch… if that is it, though, I am utterly grateful.

      I wish I had some Florida water. I’d sprinkle it in a bath to try to connect with him like I have Sekhmet and Hetharu.

      Everything I’ve read has said he likes rum… this is the first I’ve heard otherwise! Sugar cane. Hm. Can I find that in a regular grocery?

      • Take a pot of water, and some brown sugar and simmer until it becomes syrup-like. That’s it! It might take some playing with to get the amounts but if you can find cane sugar syrup in the grocery…that’ll work. It’s called Melao if you can find a Hispanic grocery…

        I think one of the grocery chains out here does carry cane syrup…I remember seeing it so its possible!

        I’ve actually found Florida water at Wal-Mart…in the “ethnic” section of the beauty department. BUT its used traditionally for cleansing not connection. To connect…try fresh basil in the bath. You can add some of the cane sugar if you want…to “sweeten your roads”.

        (This is all from Mousie, my resident Voodoo go-to girl)

      • I know of hounfors in Haiti who serve him with Rum, and who instruct others to do so. There’s NOTHING that’s completely true across the board in Haiti, and also, we’re not in Haiti. Every American Legba I’ve met takes rum or some kind of booze, and if he has been happy with it so far, then it doesn’t matter “what they do in Haiti” anyways. Our Legba eats mounds bars, which you know, isn’t Haiti tradition at all. So! You give them what they ask for, and there’s never anything wrong with what you’ve been asked to give.

        Notably, in America we substitute Rum for Kleren here, which is what the Lwa are given in Haiti.

        I hate to say it, but rum just sometimes molds. It might not mean anything, it might just be science at work.

      • Greetings. If you can’t find cane syrup you might want to look for molasses (although Camylleon’s suggestion sounds good). As for the Florida water, you could try a pharmacy. I know, it’s weird, but my local pharmacy stocks Florida water and several other things you wouldn’t expect them to have. Blessings.

  2. Yes, *some* houses in Haiti give rum. Also, we are not in Haiti. I was just trying to give some other perspectives on what might have happened.

    I am a big supporter of whatever they ask for, they get, so don’t jump on me! My Spirits get all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily “tradition”. Tradition happens for a number of reasons, often what is available becomes tradition, and might change given different circumstances.

    Mounds bars are a great idea…they all seem to love the coconut.

    Another question…is it dark rum or light? Because I know Eleggua is commonly given light rum, but Papa Legba is frequently given dark…so its another thought…

  3. Welllllll…process of elimination, it wasn’t that then! ;-)

    Logically, the mold could have happened naturally as well. Its rare…I don’t know the circumstances. I mean…if the glass wasn’t clean, your finger got in the rum, something fell in it…it could have happened? So there’s always the practical aspect as well…

    • Yeah. Someone said something about it being warmer in the house or something getting into it, etc. I’m going to go with the spiritual as opposed to the mundane because (A) it sounds better and (B) I’m still learning discernment. XD

  4. I had a similar problem that confused me. I bought flowers for my Ancestors and hubbys. The EXACT same flowers purchased at the same time from the same shop. In fact one bouquet I divided between the two vases.

    Mine were fading two days later, his were going strong.

    Same possibilities here. Maybe my Peeps don’t like lillies. Maybe they’re mad at me. Maybe the heater in the room is right above my altar so they just wilted faster. Could be…

    And Mousie is the one who suggested that maybe my Peeps just have to work a little bit more right now so they’re taking more energy. She suggested they weren’t getting enough food offerings, which is probably true.

    Maybe she’s right, maybe she’s not. She’s never failed me beore tho so I’m going with it. Besides, it *feels* right. One of these days I’m going to actually sit down & talk with them to find out for sure. In the meantime, I’m not going to panic! ;-)

  5. As I don’t leave offerings of food in the house and don’t really do it on a regular basis… I.. have nothing to offer here. lol But good luck! I hope you figure it out.


  6. I offer up another possility: he is signaling he would prefer something different.

    When I was first approaching Hermes, I had heard he loved coffee, so I started offering daily fixes of my expresso. After a couple of days, my moka started malfunctioning so i got my coffee burnt for whole a week – i didn’t think of connecting it to Hermes until i quit offering the coffe (feeling guilty i could not manage to offer good coffee until i got a new moka) and since the day after that, my old moka suddenly began to work normally again.

    I hear that Legba is a jokester as Hermes is so maybe that might be his way to say that he either dislikes that brand of rum or he got tired of it… I would try offering a different kind of thing and see how he responds, you never know.

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