A Moment of Re-Connecting.

Lately, I’ve felt a little distant from the Lady of the Flame. This is normal for this time of year; it’s a little hard to maintain contact with a solar deity. So today, I decided to follow Devo’s advice from her Kemetic Starter Guide. The first bit of advice for the new people out there is to start connecting with netjer with little offerings, quiet moments, but above all, with open dialogue.

I can attest that it is exceptionally difficult to pick a moment in time when you have a [sick] four-year-old on your hands. When going to the bathroom in peace and quiet is a rarety, picking that moment in time when you want to re-connect… I can assure you that picking a moment with a family constantly running in the background is pretty damn difficult. In a place this size, it’s gone from difficult to impossible. Lucky for me, I can take a bath.

I lit my red passion candle to connect with her. The candle has been in with the Ghede since I moved everyone around what with passion and sex being their thing. However, both red and passion belong to Sekhmet. I also added seven drops of my Egyptian Musk oil… always a reminder of Kemet for me. To get into the moment, I gave myself some time before delving right in. It seemed more appropriate to build up, as opposed to jumping in without looking.

Then, I closed my eyes and just said all that I was feeling in that moment. I opened my eyes and let them unfocus as I began to run through thoughts that would bring Sekhmet to mind. I stopped when I got to her daily ritual, which I was having problems with recently. (Disposing of her offerings has become problematic since animals do not come into a yard with no damn trees.) I felt a light… touch of the mind and a picture of the trees across the street came to mind.

After my bath, I got dressed and headed across the road with some stale bread and this morning’s orange. Almost as though it was truly meant to be, a chipmunk started out from under foot the moment I stepped on the grass. I followed its rapid progress before losing it beneath detritus. Where I felt it would surely come again, I left my bread and orange.

And I felt good.

And I knew that it was the Lady of the Flame the nudged me there.

I am truly blessed to have felt her.


3 thoughts on “A Moment of Re-Connecting.

  1. I found bathtime to be the best time for me to do any spiritual work when I lived with others and in a small space. I’m glad you managed to find your moment and reconnect :)

    • I’ve tried to do work in the tub before, but usualy, I’m interrupted 1000x. Tonight, no one came in. No one was loud. No one annoyed me. It was spectacular.

      I hope I can achieve it again!

  2. I’m happy the guide helped you :)

    I love baths for connecting. I think they are stellar for creating a nice relaxing and open atmosphere.

    Can’t wait to see how it goes!

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