A Petition for You; A Petition for Me.

I have had the intense feeling that I needed to do a petition for Valentine’s Day. This sudden onslaught came over me when Snow mentioned that she was going to do a giant kick-ass altar set up for the day. This is to be her final set up prior to their move and she wants it to be big, bold, and in-your-face. When she asked me if I wanted in, I hesitated because I caught the image of a flickering candle with rose petals on top of it in my mind’s eye.

I’d like to admit that was the entire reason as to why I froze on answering right away…

As a quick aside, I wholly believe in Snow’s magic and have never felt any adverse effects from it. Just in case anyone was curious, the woman is the real deal. She is the spiritual guru to end all gurus. I’m sure she’s giggling (if she’s reading this) and rolling her eyes at my worshipful tone. And now that I’ve gotten side tracked… per usual.

Another reason why I paused is because of the other stuff that has been overtaking my brain lately. Things haven’t been really all that well in this household for quite some time now. It took me a long while to realize it, honestly. I’m pretty good at sticking my head in the sand when I feel like it and even better when I don’t realize that I want to stick my head in the sand. I’ve been doing that now for some time and it’s been, of course, in the relationship arena. The thought of setting out a petition in regards to love and relationships made me pause: it’s just that big of a deal right now. There’s no telling if I’ll even have a relationship in the next two weeks, so why bother setting a petition?

But, honestly, the negative-Nancy aspect to myself really isn’t me. I do a lot of hard work in trying to stay positive for myself, for my son, for my friends, and for my family. It isn’t just a need to always look to the silver lining, even though I hear that’s actually bad for you. (I wish I could remember what study I picked that up from…) It’s like a compulsion need to always be on the look out for the next rainbow, the next beautiful sunrise, and then encompassing that beautiful feeling into myself to share with all and sundry who may possibly need it. The thing is that I often tend to just give all that good stuff away and hardly ever hoard any for myself…

So it’s with the faith in my future and the faith that I can work through anything that life throws at me—even bad times with TH—that I told Snow I would definitely accept a spot on her altar.

But, still, I saw that flickering light with a rose-petal laden seven-day candle in my head.

I haven’t said anything to anyone about this vision in my mind’s eye. I’ve learned to keep things closer to my chest than I find acceptable or even want to. It’s not a matter of hiding things from others, but a matter of letting it percolate fully in my mind’s eye before I bring it up to others. However, in reality, I do have to mention this to others because I don’t know how to dress a candle to save my life. I’m sure it can be simple, but I still haven’t figured it out. Obviously, according to my vision, fresh rose petals are a requirement. What else would be?

I really wish there was a Dressing Candles for Dummies out there…


6 thoughts on “A Petition for You; A Petition for Me.

  1. I always thought that dressing candles can be as simple or complicated as you want it. I do have a book on Candlemas/Imbolc explaining how to do the dressing and even the making of your candles if you want to add to our book exchange project.

    Or, I can tell you how I do it.

    I start by using one of those handy toohtpicks or any other pointy instrument to cave in the wax appropriate symbols – it might be the name of the goddess/spirit i am petitioning, it might be my intent spelled in greek letters, it might be symbols of my intent.
    Then i antoint the candle with oil i left appropriated herbs steeped in for a couple of days (rose petals are one thing i ever used in love candles, i think)- i was told that the oil should be applied going from the base of the candle up to the wick, unless you are antointing a candle for a banishing sort of ritual.
    Last step is ‘vitalizing the candle’ by tapping my fingers on the surface, naming my intentent as mantra – exemple in your case you might go with ‘bring me love’ or just ‘lovelovelovelove’.

    This is just how I do it, of course. There’s probably simpler and more complicated, or even effective ways, but i wanted to add my two cents in. ;)

  2. I am trying to look at Valentine’s Day and Imbolg as more of a self love holiday this year. It’s important to love yourself and send yourself some good energy instead of focusing on sending it to other people. I think as mothers this is hard to do sometimes but we should do it anyways.

    • Hm. Perhaps a self-love petition is in order… XD Thank you for the recommendation!

      And I do have to say that as a mother, yes. It is incredibly hard to focus on the self, even if it is necessary.

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