There’s Some Daring Here.

There’s been a pagan meme going around lately. In effect, you post eleven random facts about yourself and then answer some random questions that are asked of you. In this meme, you must be tagged. I have not been tagged or been asked any questions, but it seems fun… so, I’ve decided to quasi-take part by posting eleven random facts and answering any questions posted in the comments.

1. I despise having salt- and dirt-encrusted snow melded onto my car, specifically my tire wells. Whenever I come back from somewhere, before going inside, I go around and kick all the crap off of my tire wells. Invariably, I go inside with disgusting shoes and the hems of my jeans are awful. However, my tire wells are clean and that makes me feel accomplished. This compulsion is so bad now that when I see cars with huge crusts of dirtied snow on them, I want to kick it off. There’s a car parked in front of the back door that is just begging to be cleaned…

2. I am obsessed with InuYasha and have been since Adult Swim had it on late night/early morning in the mid-2000s. This is my shame.

3. I own two dogs. They’re both Dachshunds: Sweet Pea is a very OLD mini that I rescued from my ex-husband’s parents. They were throwing her away because she was too old to breed. She is red colored with a mostly white face. My second is a “tween.” My ex-husband bought her for me because he was a cheater and plied me with presents because of it. Jasmine was supposed to be blue-and-tan. Jazzy is perpetually fighting weight problems, is well behaved with people, will destroy other dogs, and is bald. No, I’m not kidding. That’s why I say that she was supposed to be blue-and-tan. I love her, bald or not.

4. If I could marry anyone, it would be Special Agent Aloysius Pendergast from his series by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston. Yes, I am in love with a book character.

5. I have seven brothers and one sister [that I know about]. Now, before you start thinking my parents are the most fertile people on the planet, let me say this: they’re not. My younger sister is the product of my bio-sperm’s marriage to a woman he cheated on my mom with. My little brother is from my mom and Daddy. My daddy had two boys from a previous marriage. They’re both between seven and eight years older than me. The other four brothers are step-siblings from my step-brothers’ mother’s remarriage. I see them at big events, like marriages. The only part in this sordid tale that I’ve continuously taken away is that I am truly unique. There is no one like me, even biologically.

6. I have been obsessed with ancient Egypt since I was a kid. The lure began with The Last Vampire series by Christopher Pike. If you’ve read this series, then you know it has nothing to do with ancient Egypt. After reading about the Assyrians in the book, I began researching. This brought me to ancient Egypt. And I haven’t looked back since.

7. My specific area of obsession in ancient Egypt is known as the Amarna Period. Akhenaten, Nefertiti, Ay, and Tutankhamun? Yep. Them. Since I was in high school, I’ve been reading about Amunhotep III all the way down to Horemheb. It was then that I began secretly and subconsciously (as in, in my head only) writing historical fiction from that time period. I have the idea for an eight or thirteen book series.

8. I was a ballet dancer for nine or ten years. I quit when I was fourteen because I suffered from Terminal Stupidity.

9. As a teenager, I was a raging alcoholic. If I couldn’t drink booze, I took Nyquil.

10. As a child, I used to imagine that a herd of unicorns followed me around wherever I went. This didn’t happen when we walked anywhere or rode bikes, but when we were driving places. They never got hit by cars because they only used the sidewalk or breakdown lane. They could jump over trees and parked cars if they had to. They disappeared into the background of neighborhoods when we weren’t going anywhere, always waiting to go somewhere the next time we got in the car.

11. I hate skinny jeans because I’m always worried my ankles will suffocate. This is why, as a kid, I did not wear pants. When I do buy jeans, they have to be flares or bell-bottoms.



4 thoughts on “There’s Some Daring Here.

    • My least favorite thing to do each week is the laundry. My washer and dryer are in the basement, so it’s a full production to get down there with all of the clothes. Then, because I’m lazy, I leave the clothes in the washer or dryer until they get all wrinkly. Ugh. I really need a hook up in my apartment.

      I love to read. This is more of a daily, hourly thing.

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