The Joys of Many.

There are a lot of people out there who worship numerous OTHERS™. I know a few people who aren’t too thrilled with this prospect. I can totally understand that, too, because it is a daunting task. This is a hard fucking road at the best of times, never mind adding a multitude of OTHERS™ into the mix.

Shit. Another OTHERS™ Wants Attention? Shit.
We all get pretty upset when we realize that there is another Spiritual Entity (that which I call OTHERS™) wants some of our attention. I’m pretty positive that this is normal. The reason being that we feel that with the one OTHER™ that has our attention, we’re giving everything we have at that moment to that particular OTHER™. Adding any more to the mix is asking way too much of us frail human beings. And honestly, maybe some of us suffer from ADHD of a sort (spiritually speaking). How the fuck are we supposed to contend with this? The thing is that just because we feel that we don’t have room for anymore spiritual growth in the aspect of gaining more attention from more OTHERS™, well, that doesn’t mean that it is true.

Why Is This Happening?
Now, I have a theory about why we end up getting dragged down by so many. I think it fits here rather well. And since this is my blog, and you’re the silly reading it, now you must sit through the lecture! I mean… kindly offer opinions in the comments section…?

My theory is pretty simple. In effect, the thing is that there aren’t that many of us out there who worship the OTHERS™. The Abrahamic religions take up much of this world and have for some time. In that period, the OTHERS™ have been relegated to the background, forgotten, and ignored. I strongly believe that this has weakened them. I’m not saying that this has killed them off, but made them weaker than they once were. There’s something to say in the power of belief. And who knows what our belief can give them? So, in those of us who choose this life, there really aren’t as many as the OTHERS™ need or desire for their purposes.

When They see that a doorway in one of us opens, They all start to crowd in. Obviously, it’s not an immediate thing. If that were the case, I fully believe more of us would run from this path, screaming and pulling out our hair. It’s one thing for an OTHER™ to come knocking for their attention, but infinitely more terrifying if it is twenty at once. And They know this, which is why they patiently wait for the person in question to aclimatize to this new world. Well, that, and they’ve been patient this long, so what’s a few weeks, months, or years?

This, however, is merely one theory.

In reality, I don’t know why it is that the OTHERS™ decide to descend upon us. There is no real saying why we have one OTHER™ versus an entirely different one. Sometimes, I suppose it is due to growth and others because they just happen to like something about us. Hell, it can be for any reason. We may never know because it is not our place to know unless They tell us. The thing is, we just have to move through this as gracefully and willingly as we can.

That may be easier said than done. Whether or not it is, is up to you.

What Do I Do About It?
The only advice I have to give is that you should move slowly. You have to set the pace for this. The OTHERS™ will set a pace, but it may not be comfortable for you. Sometimes, They move faster than we like or do things that make us uncomfortable. The OTHERS™ are not of this world and do not have the same boundaries that we do. If They cross a line that you set and They are unaware, then neither one of you will be happy. You can tell the OTHERS™ that you need to move slow, that you did not like ______, or that you want to move quickly. However, They will not know unless you are open and honest.

Now, a lot of pagans that I know mention that having a relationship with the OTHERS™ is similar to having a relationship with a significant other. I’m not really sure if I believe this [anymore]. I can attest, however, thay it is sort of true. On the one hand, it is similar because you have to spend time getting to know the OTHER™ in question. There is a whole learning curve that must happen. You have to go on “dates” with the OTHER™ in order to learn more. (I use the word “dates” in substitution for ritual, research, and meditawtion.) So, in that regard, it is similar to having a relationship.

On the other hand, you are meeting a new OTHER™ and not a new significant other. This is a being that has been around for a long while. Your lifetime is the blink of an eye for Them. They have been loved and revered for years and by many. You cannot place this being into a quaint, humanoid box. Just because the OTHER™ looks human does not mean that they are. A certain amount of respect goes a very long way. You cannot treat Them like they are human. So, in that regard, this whole thing is definitely not like going out with someone new.

How The Hell Do You Balance So Many?

The thing is that when you have so many different OTHERS™ wanting your attention at any given moment, then you have to go through a balancing act. For some of us, this is easier said than done. And in other aspects, it is one of the simplest ways of living out there. There is absolutely no telling whether or not living with so many OTHERS™ will be easy or will be difficult for you. I guess that’s really dependent on who you are, how you feel about your path, and what you take away from it. It’s also dependent, I suppose, on how long you’ve known that another OTHER™ wants some attention and how long you’ve ignored that call.

I’ve found that setting time for each OTHER™ in question is a good start point. Choose one hour, one day a week to focus on the new OTHER™ while also trying to maintain the relationship you already have.

For example, I have three new Lwa that have entered my life recently. They didn’t all show up at once, but in the grand scheme, it’s along the same lines. In trying to get to know them, I have set out certain days of the week (the days best utilized to serve them are discussed widely and often by anyone with a background in Vodou) to do tasks for or with them in an effort to get to know them. So for Papa Top Hat, I use Saturdays to renew his booze offering, give him any hot foods he might want, grave tend, and do any of the tasks he has asked for.

It’s simpler, I feel, to do work like this with the Lwa. They’re on a closer level to us than the gods and so communicating can oft-times be eaiser. This isn’t always the case; it could be the exact opposite for anyone else but this is my UPG.

The best bet is to set out time for the new OTHER™ in similar fashion. Use that time to meditate on them, commune via any channels of your choosing, doing research on them, and any tasks that you feel they would appreciate. This will help to establish a link, which is all it takes to become one of us who have a shit-ton of OTHERS™.


6 thoughts on “The Joys of Many.

  1. I’m one of those who has several “others” and it can be a difficult balancing act at times. One thing that helps me is having monthly holy days set aside, so no matter what I know I’ll always at least devote one day a month to each one (though with the primary ones, it’s always more than that of course). Another thing is regularly doing my prayer beads, on which all are represented.

    I do still get overwhelmed sometimes, or frustrated when I can’t maintain as deep a connection as I’d like with all at once. On the other hand, They Themselves have pointed out that one benefit to having several instead of only one or two, is that when things are rough or quiet with one, or when it gets to be too much, there is always a change of focus possible, another “other” to turn my attentions toward.

    • I plan on making myself a charm bracelet for representation of each one of my OTHERS™. I don’t know quite if it will be used in a prayer bead format or if it’s just as a reminder of, “HEY! You’ve got all these OTHERS™ to pay attention to, so don’t forget.” All I know is that Hetharu asked for the representation and who am I to deny her? :)

      They Themselves have pointed out that one benefit to having several instead of only one or two, is that when things are rough or quiet with one, or when it gets to be too much, there is always a change of focus possible, another “other” to turn my attentions toward.
      Yes! Yes! Thank you for this! Exactly! While I’m yelling this at my computer screen, I’m doing a silly dance. Just an FYI. XD

  2. Informative post and it makes sense. Even my Deities think I should be more diverse in my spirituality. But I too don’t like to take in too many anything because I’m scared that I may end up “walking” away from my main ones. Take it one day at a time I guess.

    • I think the loss of primary OTHERS™ is one of the main reasons a lot of people don’t want to explore further. And it IS possible that they will move on. However, you must rest assured in the knowledge that if they DO move away from you, it is because they have taught you all that they can. At that point, you can consider yourself a graduate of sorts.

  3. Absolutely true. Just when I finally get a handle at working with one of my “older” partners, another OTHER™ shows up. It can get insane, and I do find that I have to set boundaries and then I feel a little like I’m ignoring friends or something but there are just so many it’s hard to keep up.

    I also agree Spirits/OTHERS™ can and do move on, and that’s a normal process consistent with my theories of Deity “death”/ascension and such.

    I’ve also found in my UPG the Lwa are infinitely easier to work with just in terms of understanding human psychology. They get how we are, so our fuck ups are just fuck ups. Especially in dealing with my Shaman contracts, you’re a lot less likely to get slack for being human.

    Great post :)

    • I feel closer, over all, with Sekhmet. This is because she’s been in my life so long that she’s very much akin to that comfortable pair of socks that you are always looking for. I’ve been mentioning periodically that I think she actually had a hand in helping to build this life with me; she’s been prevalent in it since I was a child. Neither here nor there, but just a “hey, I’m rambling!”

      I do find the Lwa easier to work with and for much the same reason. I don’t feel as… ridiculous just spouting on to them about random shit whenever I take it into my head to do so. When I’m in the cemetery, I’ll just start talking to Papa Ghede or the Baron whenever the feeling overtakes me. I still feel a little silly—since I don’t see them—but it’s not as weird as say, telling Sekhmet about my day. You know?

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