In Which Reality Steps In.

I need good thoughts,  prayers, love, and energy sent to my nephew. He is nine months, but has had severe developmental retardation. A prevailing theory was because neither of his parents are over 20. However, after numerous tests, we finally found the cause: schizencephaly.

This is a rare disorder that is either due to genetics or the mother being exposed to toxins, taking some drug, or what have you. (It’s sad that any of the listed causes are probably possible.) In effect, my nephew has clefts in his brain. He will never be a ‘real’ kid.

And there’s no telling how his exceedingly young and naive parents will handle this.

So, prayers and thoughts for Skylar.

3 thoughts on “In Which Reality Steps In.

  1. I am so sorry to hear this. Considering your posts about the subject on TC, I’m kind of glad the parents finally realized that something was wrong and that they got him tested. Best of luck and prayers for all of you.

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