Planning: It Happens Without You Realizing.

I bought a deck of Tarot cards a while back. These are the Tarot of the Dead cards I purchased at the PPD around here. So, I’ve had these cards for about three or four months now. I’ve looked through them quite a few times, but I’ve never been moved to use them. They don’t seem like “daily reading” or “free-for-all reading” cards. I figured that I would end up with a use for them one day: either as a tool for myself, an addition to my collection, or to go to the home they should end up in.

It’s become clear that they will be a tool… for me.

I remember buying them and thinking that Monsieur Gateway wanted them. After much chatter and time, I’ve come to realize that Papa Top Hat was influencing me about it, not Monsieur Gateway. (I really have to shake my head at the troll’s behavior.) I remember thinking it would be a communication device. Obviously, that was to be the case, but not in the way I had thought.

These cards are going to end up wrapped in a black silk scarf… and will be tucked into my grave-tending kit.


One thought on “Planning: It Happens Without You Realizing.

  1. YAY for you.
    That definitely sounds like the kind of tarot deck the Ghede would like.

    You know how I find tarot a wonderful communication device with the other side!

    I used -still use, when they are so inclined- Goddess Oracle Cards to converse with my deities.

    They responses you get can be very, very surprisingly clear-cut when someone, is on the other side.

    I am mildly pissed that my spirits/gods suddenly decided I must move forward and rely on my other sense for communication. Necessary or not, I miss that clarity.

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