Resolutions Are Popular Because Everyone Feels They Could Use a Little Improvement.

I am not a fan of doing the yearly resolution thing. Most of this stems from the fact that, like everyone else, following through with them is near-on impossible for me. I manage to stick with it (such as dieting or reducing my swearing) for about a month before I just decided to say, “Fuck it.” I honestly don’t feel that I have the resolve necessary to better myself for an entire year. Besides, most of the things that people decide to “fix” for the new year are fleeting in nature, impossible to actually make manifest, or easily forgettable for one reason or another.

So, I don’t do this.

I do, however, try to make up a sort of ‘to-do’ list.

This is actually a practice on TC. Every change in the season, people put up a list of things that they’d like to see done before the next solstice or equinox. For once, I finally decided that I would (A) participate and (B) follow through. I gave myself some basic tasks, all of which have to do with my religion in some form or another. I also categorized them via the month(s) instead of just as a “hey, do this.” I figure if I’m more specific, or as specific as possible, then I might actually follow through with it.

So, the list is as follows…

1. Finish shopping for Sviata Vechera ingredients.
2. Do not have meltdown while cooking the meal(s).
3. Re-read chapter one of the Elements Path in TWS.
4. Read chapter two of the Elements Path in TWS.
5. Finish grave-tending Maplewood Cemetery.

1. Grave-tend at least one local cemetery.
2. Read chapters three and four of the Elements Path in TWS.
3. Practice the exercises in TWS.
4. Work through block on the AR-short.

1. Sit down and discuss child’s future schooling (at home or in public).
2. Begin purchasing crafts for future use.
3. Finish the Elements Path in TWS.
4. Grave-tend at least one local cemetery.

1. Purchase at least two books about wild harvesting.
2. Grave-tend at least one local cemetery.
3. Find/print/commission representation for Papa Legba.
4. Start work on the Inner Path in TWS.

Also, because I am oh-so vain, here is my annual blog’s report. I think I did pretty fucking well!


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