The Journey From California to Massachusetts.

Some time last week, a lovely hedgehog who lives across the country mentioned a black, wooden bowl with a lid. That’s how all of this started. She asked if I could find a use for one and without a thought (just the image of a black bowl on someone’s altar), I said yes. And so a barrage of questions were born from my response: what’s your favorite color? You still at that address I sent the bowls to? What’s your feeling on chocolate?

The more the questions, the more curious I became.

…until today, that is. For it ’twas today that a box covered in duct tape showed up. I did a jump, skip, and dance of joy. (No, seriously.)

TH picked it up for me on his way home from work (since we no longer live at that Photobucket address, but since his parents do, we tend to send packages there). When he got home, he shoved it in my face when he came in the door, literally. “Look what came today!” That’s about the moment when I did the jumping and dancing around the place. My son was staring at me like I had grown a second-hand as I be-bopped around the house. And in my hands was a decent sized box covered in duct tape.

I really had the hardest time opening it up. I managed to slit the package open, but I couldn’t pull the Photobucket damn box apart. I had to ask TH to do it for me. XD I’m such a wuss. The following is a documentation in pictures of the excitement of opening up my package. After finally getting it open—there really was a lot of wrestling going on with the damn thing—I managed to pry back the flaps and look upon… a shit-ton of bags. I really wasn’t expecting various bags. I mean, sure, something was needed to bad the items, but bags…? I guess I’m just spoiled by packing peanuts. After sorting through the bags, I put them in my recycling for plastic bags: I use ’em when I walk the dogs. Hee-hee.

I had a sneaking suspicion that the bags weren’t just packing material but a convenient cover for Photobucket hiding little items. And of course, I was right. In one of the bags, I found these two lovely items. I pulled out the mini-vase first and showed it to TH. I was sure to flip it over and show him the initials she had carved into the bottom. He laughed and said, “Or, she bought it that way and carved her initials into it so you think she made it.” And I had no response to that. Instead, I picked up the little green box and started running my fingers all over its smooth surface.

Both the Lady of the Flame and the Lady of the Vulva enjoy it immensely. It houses their myriad of mini-stones that I’ve collected over the years.

Photobucket The next item on the list was this little black wooden box that started it all. To keep the beads from rattling around inside, and thereby alerting me to something else, the inside was stuffed with a lime green scarf that now hangs over my wall of pictures. The beads and the scarf were an added bonus. I loved the scarf and of course, the Old Man was in love with the container as well as the beads the second he saw those sparkly bits.

The final prize to this mad-dash through a duct-tape wrapped box was a giant box of Photobucket fucking chocolates that I want to sink my teeth into so badly. I mean, I want to eat the whole damn thing, by myself. And if that’s going to happen, I have to wait until a certain young man goes to bed. I’ve never had See’s chocolate before. I’m pretty spoiled with Whitman Samplers and whatnot. I can only hope that these delicious looking pieces are ten times better. And if I get spoiled by this beautiful package, so be it.

In retaliation for this package, I believe a certain DVD will be making a cross-country trip to a certain someone in California…

Photobucket Photobucket

10 thoughts on “The Journey From California to Massachusetts.

  1. What blasphemy is this?! See’s is SO MUCH BETTER than Whitman’s that there is no comparison (plus they give you a free sample when you walk in the store. Yum :3 )

    Sorry ’bout the bag overkill. I really didn’t want it to rattle or break in transit. When I pack something, I want it to get there in one piece :D And yes, I did make the little vase. It was a color-test for a very reactive glaze. I kept it cause I liked it, and passed it on because it wanted to go. (You almost got sent a thumb-pot, by the by, if I could have figured out how to make it not get lost XD ) The little green box… I’m not sure exactly what it is. I don’t think it’s plastic. If you’re lucky, it’s dyed alabaster (which is what I’m leaning towards).

    (You did find the card, right? It didn’t get lost in the oodles and oodles of bags? o.o)

  2. I really love the green container. It’s so pretty :3

    Sees isn’t bad. If you ever want chocolate that’s also yummy, there is Ethel M’s. It’s made by Mars. I discovered them in Las Vegas- where they are headquartered. It’s good stuff :3 It’s really ruined me for a lot of chocolate.

    Your new toys look pretty awesome :D

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