Break for Commercials.

I need about forty dollars so that I can buy house-cleaning supplies and laundry-related things. I am just two hairs passed desperate at this point. So, I am selling Tarot readings at ten dollars a pop. I only *need* four, but if I have an outpouring of desire, I’ll keep going ’til I pass out.

I have a PayPal account attached to my account.

If you’d like a specific question and are not willing to post it here, send an E-mail to the above listed address.

Please, I just need some help.


8 thoughts on “Break for Commercials.

  1. If you’re still offering, I would love to buy a Tarot reading. Coming out of my own Fallow Time I find myself presented with a wide variety of spiritual opportunities – repairing my relationship with Brighid, continuing my studies in Neo-Druidry, remaining active in my eclectic Wiccan coven, and now pursuing this new Kemetic thread that’s popped up in my life. I don’t have an exact question beyond flailing my arms around and asking, “What do?!”, but any divined advice on these topics would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Since you’re offering, I’d love another reading–and I can even pay extra if you’d like, since I’ve got a couple of things I’d like to inquire about. I’ll email you my questions once I’m feeling more coherent (only just woke up, bleh).

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