Weird Instance with Ghede.

I try not to make it a habit, but a lot of nights, I end up sleeping on the couch. My couch is the antithesis to comfort, so often, I’ll flip which end I lay my head on. The other night, I ended up sleeping with my head by the end where Ghede’s new home is housed.

Earlier in the day, I had given him some tequila. It’s what I got and he appears to enjoy it. Anyway. After turning off everything, I lay in the darkness while my body relaxed. …And I heard this kind of, uh, slurping sound? Coming from the altar space?

At first, I thought I was nuts or overtired. Often, my mind and ears and eyes will play tricks on me in the night. Then, as it got louder, I figured it sounded kind of like ants eating. I don’t know if anyone knows what I’m talking about. Again, I could be making shit up since my ears and I don’t always function cohesively so late at night.

But as time went by and I kept hearing it, I knew it wasn’t bugs.

I think… I think Ghede was drinking his tequila and munching on his peanuts.

Weird, no?

2 thoughts on “Weird Instance with Ghede.

  1. I know a lot of devotees who sleep in front of their altar, even on the ground, so what you’re experiencing with the couch is normal!

    • Thank the gods I’m not crazy!

      I really thought I was losing my nutter or hearing things. I’ve never had an experience like that before, so I had no frame of reference.

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