On Divination, Spells, Whispers, Feast Days and the Full Moon.

Today is the final day of the full moon and I am planning… something. (Isn’t that always the way?) Initially, I was going to do things yesterday. It was the middle day of the three nights and I like that thought… the feeling I get when I think of magic mixed with the middle night of the full moon trio. However, I was so bleary and dull that I could barely string two words together, much less cast spells. It seemed more prudent on numerous levels to put it off until today. So, this evening, we can expect more entries in the BOS section, as well as pictures on the morrow.

Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App As someone who is not Wiccan, probably was never really Wiccan and has long eschewed that title, I don’t consider the full moon an esbat or anything. I don’t think it’s time to get down with the Goddess nor do I think that drawing down the moon is the way to go. (Besides, I don’t know how to do that and I don’t think I want to know, either.) I do, strongly however, feel that it is a potent time that should be honored and recognized. So, it is for this reason (and another I shall delve into shortly) that I am planning on spending the afternoon at an older cemetery for documenting and grave-tending.

However, a portion of this work that I will perform has to do with today being Saturday… or the day of the Ghede.

Now, when it comes to the days of the loa (Fridays for Legba and Saturdays for Ghede), I honestly don’t know what I’m up to. It’s like I said I’d go mine gold or something, except that I don’t know what the fuck that’s all about. So, I’ve had to BS my way through this. Considering that vodou is a tenet-less practice with everything differing from one hounfar to the next, this isn’t so bad. It sets my teeth on edge because I should be able to learn everything from books and the Interwebz. EVERYTHING. However, obviously, that’s part of the reason why I was shown this path to begin with. This is like the PTB saying, “Oh, really? Books hold all knowledge? WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT, BITCH!” And then, ta-da. An interest in vodou was born!

With Legba, I’ve taken to giving him coffee about everyday. (He would still prefer his own mug, but is tolerating my girlish cups.) He takes it strong and black and is always given the first cup of the morning. On Fridays, he has a plate of dinner with us that I revert to my dogs later/the next day since, you know, he’s all about dogs. And if I’m moved to do so, I write to him, about him, with him guiding my hand. For the most part, this slap-dash manner seems to be working.

With Ghede, I think I am more at a loss than with Legba. There’s a good deal more literature on him than Ghede. So, with Ghede, I have to rely more on my [withered to non-existent] instincts than with Legba. This is vastly disconcerting since I’m used to the whispered words of the gods and the laugh-riot that is the Old Man. A more somber presence I have never felt… so, with this new adventure and chock full o’ uncertainty, I thought about what he could possibly want besides hot peppers, rum, and shots of tequila. And it occurred to me that I knew the answer, and have for a while, but I’m just not as intelligent/brilliant as I claim to be.


I first heard this term because of the Witch of Forest Grove. I was pretty damn intrigued, right from the start. There was just something about that phrase that really made my brain boil and my heart sing. Now, what is a “grave-tender”? This is a person who cares for the needs and desires of a person’s grave. There’s actually a whole business out there in regards to this (INTERESTING!) but this isn’t for me. And it’s not for money, even if I’d love money right about now. The whole point, to me, in grave-tending is so that the dead who have been forgotten and lost, the dead who haven’t had anyone come to visit in so long… The point in grave-tending is to see to the needs of the ones without anyone left. And it is in that act that I plan on honoring Papa Ghede.

I can only hope he will be pleased with these items.

So, on top of that aspect of my day, I had always intended on some spell-casting. I was thinking about doing some for myself, anyway, because that’s the best way (in my opinion) to get the practicing done. I was thinking about a spell to remove my laziness, a spell to help me in the development of a Tarot-reading business, and a spell to heal my fractured feminine libido. I also had some ideas about writing a hymn to my goddess, Sekhmet, since full moons are awesome for connecting with the gods. I was also thinking about adding a hymn to Hwt-Hrw, but she’s not interested in this form of praise. She merely wants me to “get on with the magic already.” It’s a slow, bumpy road! I don’t want to do some rushing and get fucked sideways, you know? Anyway.

About two days ago, a friend of mine asked if I could do a money spell for him since he’s been having a rough patch. And I was like, “I haven’t even whored myself out there for being an oracle yet, but I’m already getting offers for doing spells? Like… what?” I was instantly intrigued and I felt really… light-hearted for a bit there. I was already being asked to help someone via the magical realm. Of course, the reason he was asking me is because he hates doing money spells on his own, but it’s a start. So, on top of my own personal spells, I’m also going to be doing a money spell for someone else. I’d hit ‘squee’ somewhere in there, but I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m excited about this. And if it’s not coming across? Guess what? I’m excited about this.

In other news, for the last two weeks I have done Tarot readings pretty much non-stop. I called out on Facebook for all of my friends to get Tarot readings, starting on November 28th. Every day, I allotted myself the space for four, separate Tarot readings. I would add and subtract readings based on their simplicity: a yes-no question could easily be done before I got started on my four appointments for the day. I decided to do another one of these free-for-alls this week because I really feel like it’s helping me. Another reason for going a round two was because I wanted to see what type of ill-effects I could expect from doing Tarot readings for so long, at four a day. I’m a little weary and definitely tired, but I’m doing all right. I’m not as drained as I was during my first free-for-all.

I have noticed that I’ve been putting them off until later and later in the night, but I think that has more to do with Internet distractions and my writing than anything else. (WRITING. YES.) Also, I’ve noticed that I find it faster and easier to do later at night. I think this stems from my equating with midnight being a type of catch-all magical hour. In reality, I don’t think the night has much to do with the success rate or the constant comments of, “Holy shit. How’d you fucking know that?” (And let me just say, those are like the best compliments right there. Also, I was recommended by one of my more recent readings to someone I don’t know. And there was much squee-ing that day, I can tell you.)

So, it really appears like this is going to go somewhere. I just don’t really know how it is or where it is. I just know that it’s going to be online. I also know that it will be only nominally related to this persona (as in I mention it periodically)—this magical being creating this blog—since I feel that Tarot has more to do with my daily life and my persona as me than the one I’m crafting (hurr-hurr) in the magical realm.

The last thing that I wanted to mention was an odd occurrence that I meant to write about yesterday, but failed to because I’m lazy. (I should maybe think about an anti-lazy spell…) On the eighth, TH and I went to a funeral for his step-father’s mom. That night, as we were laying down to bed, we were chatting a little about how it was probably time for someone else to die since we both strongly believe (IN SOMETHING. TOGETHER. AT THE SAME TIME.) that things like death comes in threes. Anyway, as I was lying in the twilight between waking and sleep, I heard a woman say, “She’s not breathing.” I don’t know who this person was because the voice wasn’t familiar. But, it was definitely a woman and she said this directly into my ear.

Since I was in that twilight state, I had a difficult time bringing what was said in my ear directly into consciousness. It took me about twenty minutes of puzzling out the first word (since I remembered “not breathing”) before I realized that it was a pronoun that was said as opposed to a

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