BOS: Money Owed Spell (Unemployment).

I seek what is rightfully mine
Every dollar and every dime
A check made out to me
Is what I’d like to see
Sitting in my mailbox where it belongs
Helping to fix many of my ex-company’s wrongs
I charge this by the quarter moon
I will see my money again soon
Bring my money back to me
And reunite me with prosperity
From quart to full moon, this spell takes shape
And I write this without malice nor hate
My unemployment check on its way
And seen in the light of day
I seek only what is owed to me
As I will, so mote it be.

(This is not the original spell as I wrote it, fuming and grumbling at my kitchen table. There were many cross-outs and scribbles while I tried to work it in a manner that felt good. It is only as I place this in here for posterity that I realized certain elements needed to be re-worked again.)

After this, I cast the spell’s ashes with the following herbs: bay leaf and chamomile, as well as a fine powder of cinnamon.

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