My Tarot free-for-all is going on from now until December 3rd. I’m doing four readings a day. I have slots open for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If anyone would like a reading, comment here. If you have a specific question that is private, you can message me on TC or FB.


15 thoughts on “So…

    • Firaza., Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

      I like people to see the cards that I’ve pulled to come up with their own interpretation or to feed off of mine.

      The nightmare you were in is ending. You have a sudden faith in your future and a hopeful outlook. There is the promise of better days. You’re worrying unnecessarily because there is hope on the horizon. Have faith.However, you’ve been ignoring your emotions lately. You’ve been focused more intently on the intellect as opposed to the emotion. This is causing your emotions to become strangled. You want to break this mold before it causes harm in other areas of your life.

      Right now, you’re going to want to turn your intellectual self inward and examine your true wants and desires. You need to pay closer attention to your intuition, your dreams, your hunches… You ignore these things more often than not, which is causing more problems. (A lot of this has to do with your focus more on the mind than on the emotion.) You need to wield empathy as it will actually help you to communicate better with your own intuitions.

      You’re finally seeing things clearly, as though they had been pulled into the sunlight. There are some serious beneficial changes on the horizon, a lot of which has to do with your going-with-the-flow in regards to your spiritual practice. Your confusion is ending, or very near to.

      At this juncture, you should go full steam ahead. Fresh opportunities, those you see now and those you will see, are opening up to you. It’s time to launch new initiatives and make some headway on your ultimate goals. You’ve got the energy to do so.

      • Thanks for doing this reading!

        I actually did a tarot reading for myself last weekend, and yours pretty much reinforced my interpretation. By nature, I’m a person ruled by logic and reason, and I tend not to give my emotions any say, even if I do acknowledge them. I know that a spiritual path should be governed by what feels right versus what might be perceived as right (logically), so it’s been hard getting into that mindset.

        Thank you for reaffirming what my cards told me. Not only does it make me more confident of my understanding of the cards, but it also confirms that the decisions I’ve chosen are the right ones. I need to stop thinking about what I’d like to do and instead simply do it.

    • Lebannen., Uploaded from the Photobucket Android App

      I like it if people see the cards, even if it’s an Internet reading. I’m sorry the picture is turned sideways since my camera is not as awesome as it should be.

      There is some swift, chaotic, and dramatic change all around you. This upheaval has to do with a single moment of truth. In this moment, you will be asked to identify that which you truly value in your life. This change will suck a lot more if you try and fight it (pretty much like all change). It’s important that you go through this because it will be a major turning point in your life.

      You need to stand up for yourself, your beliefs, and your decisions. You are on firm ground with this. You need to fight for your beliefs. You have the strength to tackle any problem, although you don’t actually believe that. However, the cards don’t lie: you can do it.This will help to bring you into yourself; establish you as your own person. If you act responsibly, organize your environment, things will work out very well for you.

      Self-doubts = bad. Stop having them! (Easier said than done, right?)

      Also, in similar vein, do not cut corners because you’re getting impatient. This will only cause more problems in future. Your mind is stuck on work, work, work. You want it done and over faster than it will take. You’re also upset by a lack of work-related opportunity. They will appear, but you have more work to do before you get to that level.

      I don’t know if it has anything to do with a certain red-haired future husband of yours, but the chaotic change felt… like otherwordly. I don’t know if that makes sense?

      • First off: Thanks so much for doing this! You’re awesome. :D

        About the reading: Yup, this pretty much sums up what’s going on with me at the moment. Seems like a lot of stuff is kicking into high gear lately, and I’m struggling to surround it all. Lots of new opportunities and responsibilities are showing up, and even though I’m excited about most of them, I’m wondering just how I’m gonna find time for all of it and still maintain my health and sanity. And to think that not too long ago I was complaining about feeling like I didn’t have enough significant spiritual work to do…

        I think you’re spot-on with with it being related to the Mister, too. He brought up several of the points you mentioned recently–almost verbatim in a couple of cases. (The fact that the Emperor also showed up makes me suspect that Odin may have a hand in all this, as well. They tag-team on stuff like you wouldn’t believe.)

        • Phew! I was really worried about your reading. I kept feeling like… I was being watched, you know? It was very unnerving!

          I never thought of Odin and the Mister tag-teaming before. To me, that would be like Sutekh and Ra tag-teaming people to get things done. I just cannot fathom!

      • LOL, I think I can guess who that was. He does that to me when I’m giving readings, too–sort of looking over my shoulder the whole time, and occasionally “leaning” on me to make sure I get stuff right. You get used to it after a while.

        They’re very much two sides of the same coin, in a strange (and rather creepy) way; if you start dealing with one of ’em, you can count on having the other show up at some point. It’s like the divine version of “Buy One, Get One Free.”

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