Everyone Can Visualize.

So, I was completely unaware of the fact that everyone can visualize. However, if you do a Google search about being unable to visualize things, every single one of the sites that pop up will tell you that you’re full of shit. If you think I’m full of it, you can go ahead and do a search yourself. But, everyone who can make a website–which is everybody in this day and age–is going to tell you that you’re lying to yourself and just need to get over it. Okay, so, let’s start doing Google searches for how to visualize right? And you know what? Not a single fucking person gets what I’m trying to fucking say.

I can visualize very easily because I am a creative person. I can see shit in my head, however, it’s not in the form of images. I don’t get these big booming pictures of a flower or what have you in my mind’s eye. In fact, when I close my eyes, I see a big black blackness with little blue swirls that drag my attention. (As a kid, whenever I’d close my eyes and need to “lose myself” I’d look for patterns in the blue swirls, kind of like how you look at the clouds to see images.) That’s it. I don’t see a light or a sun or a tree or anything. I don’t fucking visualize things with images: at all.

In regards to “visualizing,” what I end up doing is wring scenes in my head. The scenes can be about anything. I mean, more often than not, I’ll ‘fanfic’ my way through some popular novels that I read on a regular basis. If that fails, then I just start making up stupid stories in my head. Usually the story is about romance in some abstract way, but still. Whatever. It doesn’t matter: the point is that I write entire fucking scenarios and scene after motherfucking scene in my head. That’s how I visualize things and very rarely do I end up with clear pictures in my head.

Yeah, okay. If I sit around and start writing down very specific things, like the clothes a person-that-lives-only-in-my-mind is wearing, then I’ll get a clearer image of it. It’s still kind of like sepia toned, however; there but not really there. Hell, it’s more like a daguerreotype, for fuck’s sake. It’s there and you can clearly see some kind of image, but more often than not, it’s hazy as hell and leaves you with a headache after the fact.

So, yeah. Images live in my head but they live in there in the form of words.

And it’s like none of the websites that I did Google searches about or with or looked at have ever come across this phenomena. Not only does it make me feel like a complete fucking freak, but it also leaves me incredibly frustrated and angry. It’s like, “Hey, I have this problem. And apparently no one else does.” And everyone is looking at me like some crazy-as-hell-loon because I’m the only one who is openly willing to talk about it. Or even say something. And let me tell you, if I try Google searching about how I write scenarios in my head? All I get is stupid horse shit about school work and trying to become a writing. And if you think I’m joking, I’m not.

So, all of this, of course, is because I can’t seem to ground myself the way that Starhawk mentions in her book.

La-dee-fucking-da isn’t it surprising that I’m one hundred percent fucking weird? Yeah, it’s not.

I’m finding myself not just frustrated by the lack of information that I need, but also by the fact that I feel like a freak because no one has ever fucking mentioned this issue before. It’s like all of the other pagans out there who do visualization on a regular basis have never come across this. When I mentioned it on TC, I kind of felt like a dumbass and there was discussions about how I just can’t let go enough to get this done. And you know what? I thought that was probably right. I mean, I am a complete control freak, but you know what? I don’t fucking buy it anymore.

Yeah, I’m a control freak but I don’t think I’m the only person in humanity’s existence that can write shit out in their heads, much less use that as a variant form of visualization.

So. I’m going to use it to visualize, mother fuckers. I’m going to go right the fuck ahead and write out a scene about grounding. There will be trees and magma and earth and bones and roots and branches and starlight, too. I don’t know how I’m going to write it or when, either, because I’m busy as shit right now and don’t have the time. But, I’ll tell you something: while in the shower, since I couldn’t find my center because I’m stressed to the fucking hilt at this second in time, I started it out a little. And you know what? I felt the heat of the fucking magma of Mother Earth in my feet and in my hands and you know what?

I didn’t have to visualize some pinpoint of light to do it, either.


8 thoughts on “Everyone Can Visualize.

  1. I still need to figure out grounding and centering. I understand the concept of grounding, but I feel like I need to reread that thread on TC to really “get” centering. Or watch some YouTube videos or something.

    I have friends that are are more literary in their heads as well. Actually, I always thought I was the weird one whenever I mentioned to them that I never saw words in my head, so… I’m not sure how you can be the only one. I’m pretty sure you aren’t.

    I completely understand about failed Google searches, though. This happens to me way too many times.

    • I understand centering more clearly than grounding. They’re both related, but it would seem to me that centering is the more important of the two. Actually, I feel that centering is far more significant: you need to be aware of the self.

      Most of my Google searches end up badly. Heh.

  2. I’m working with beginning steps on the same stuff. Trying to reconstruct a mystical tradition within a Kemetic framework.

    I wonder if it isn’t a question of learning styles? Visual / Auditory / Tactile.

    The visual learners naturally do the visualization thing easily and well. They can’t imagine anybody having trouble with it, because they don’t even have to try. It’s a self-selecting group. People who can’t do it give up because nobody seems to be able to teach them how. They are ‘silent’ so all you get is the “Anybody can do it, it’s easy, just stop blocking.”

    I’m guessing the word-orientation is “auditory” because we hear the words in our minds? I wonder if we need to develop a different modality to accommodate that?

    • I think the whole issue is learning styles. Most people who have websites about this are all visual learners, or so I figure.

      And yeah. I think we do need to develop our own version(s). There are other people out there who are, probably, getting discouraged because “everyone can visualize.” I think a variant form of a self-made ‘guided meditation’is in order, for me.

      What say you?

      • Your post really got me thinking on this. I seem to get as far as fuzzy shapes, but that’s a far cry from the complicated stuff that we seem to be expected to do. And I have this ‘pretending’ feeling about it, which can’t be right.

        That also makes me think of the “clairs,” and that everything is based on clairvoyance, none of the other senses.

        Trying to think “Kemetic” and the importance of the word, I’m trying something different. Instead of visualizing, I will try sound. I’ll sing/chant “Huuuu” and imagine that reverberating into the depths of the earth and reflecting back, or going into the sky, or whatever the exercise is. I can easily think of a bass note permeating my body, like standing next to organ pipes.

        We’ll see. It’s possible that if a breakthrough comes with one sense, the others might become possible.

        If you start a discussion on TC or somewhere on this, be sure to ping me.

  3. So WP had a derp and never sent this post to me. Go figure.

    Visualizing…. I love and hate visualizing. I have lots of pictures in my head… I have my own little world that I’ve made/discovered inside of my brain- but to this day, I don’t know if I’m doing it right. I can close my eyes, and see something inside my head, but it’s not like I could reach out and touch stuff. It’s really odd… the way I visualize, because it’s not like I’m in my body… but I’m not out of it either. Really trippy.

    Don’t let people tell you how you can or can’t do something. There is more than one way to do anything- and if someone’s way doesn’t work for you, why should you try to fit square pegs into round holes. Seriously. And I think lots of people have issues with visualization- it’s just most people don’t talk about it, or they give up on it. As I said, I don’t even know if what I do counts as visualization. I don’t know that there is a really good ‘definition’ on it, or what it means.

    I haven’t paid any attn to the whole grounding thing. I don’t know what the ‘prescribed’ method is- but I think there are many ways for that as well. I was in a Wiccan group once, and they had a whole meditation BS to go with it.. being a tree.. or visualizing energy coming up from the earth and filling you- screw that. It’s a feeling. Once you feel it- you can bring it back and boom. You’re there. I find that movement creates a good grounding exercise for me. Dance is the best G&C exercise I can do. So do what works best for you. Ignore everyone else.

  4. You are not alone. From what I can tell, it seems that *most* people, perhaps, have a general facility for visualization, some better than others, which means that *most* techniques for anything from grounding to trance focus on the visual aspect. But, there are definitely people for whom other senses are more prominent. Not everyone “sees” the otherworlds and the spirits, for instance, even if they can sense them just as strongly in other ways (sound, smell, even physical touch, or just a “sixth sense” sort of thing), though they may use the vocabulary associated with sight (such as “visions”) as a shorthand regardless – I do this at times.

    Visual experiences are infrequent for me (especially ones involving direct “hallucination” type visions, rather than the type of visualization you’d have if you were simply, say, recalling the face of someone you know, or something that happened to you). And yet I manage quite well as an oracle and spirit-worker for whom trance is a primary component of the Work.

    I would also suggest that although this sometimes feels like a handicap, it may be better, as it is a safeguard against mistaking one’s internally-created visualizations for the Real Thing – something I see happening a lot for people who can easily imagine all sorts of things in their mind’s eye.

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