Tarot and Cemeteries, Oh My!

For the last two days, I’ve been giving Tarot readings to anyone who requested it. This has been a long, fun, exciting, thrilling, and tiring event. Actually, tiring is very much an understatement: ‘exhausting’ will do. I kind of knew how much went into giving Tarot readings, but it never dawned on me (before now) how much umph one needs to maintain the ability to give Tarot readings accurately, promptly, and successfully.

For months now (literally, months), my mother has told me repeatedly that I should go into the Tarot reading business. Mostly, I didn’t bother to even think on it because I didn’t think I was good enough. I was out of practice and I didn’t really want to get back in to practice. However, Hwt-Hrw has been harping on me about the magic stuff and Tarot is related to in, in a sense. So, I decided to have a look-see. This experience has been a sort of… experiment, shall we say. It’s experimental in regards to whether or not I can do it; whether or not I want to do it; and whether or not I find my readings to be accurate.

I’d like to say that my readings are accurate and based on the feedback, insofar, I am. I’ve always been really good at this whole sort of thing, but this experience has really taught me that I need to refine my techniques. Also, I seem to do better in giving readings when not faced with the questioner in my face. I mean, I’m good at reading things for others, but it’s far easier, for me, to read complete strangers who aren’t touching my cards instead of acquaintances or friends who can touch my cards. I’ve heard this isn’t normal.

I guess I’m just weird.

I gave a sum total of eleven Tarot readings in the last two days. Yesterday, I did six or so and found myself so exhausted by seven o’clock that I just went into my room and went to bed. It didn’t seem like an important point to stay up. Today, I finished the last five requests for readings that I had received yesterday. I’m not as exhausted, but I could still go in for a nap. I don’t know how to correct that, either. If I’m to go into the business–and it appears that I might just–how the hell do I manage to keep my energy levels up?

Beats me.

Another issue that I’ve run into is the cleansing option. I cleanse my cards infrequently, but that mostly stems from the fact that I mostly give myself readings or The Sister readings. Since I only, usually, have a sum total of two people who I read from regularly, a normal run-of-the-mill cleaning is almost unheard of in this house. However, after reading number two yesterday, it dawned on me that I had to figure something else out for cleansing options. I mean. I couldn’t very well have bleed-over from one reading to another, now could I?

In between readings, after doing a brief deck shuffle, I decided to spread the whole deck out. In the very center of the line of cards, I placed the quartz chip that I have in the Box That Is Home to the cards. This seemed to work appropriately for the time being, but I don’t know if it’s going to last. And to be perfectly frank, while it works now, that doesn’t mean that it will work later. I, of all people, know how much you have to go with the flow and get with the changing. So, what other possible options do I have to work with? I’m at a complete loss here so any and all suggestions are welcomed.

I still haven’t come to a decision about whether this is going to be a business venture or not. On the one hand, I really do need the extra income. Any extra income, at present, really. And it would be nice to have some money stashed in the bank besides what’s left of my meager savings: a whopping ten dollars. (Oh, look how far you’ve fallen, bank account!) However, I don’t want the simple need and desire for money to be the sole basis for this. That feels… wrong, somehow. I’m probably being stupid, but it just doesn’t seem like the best bet for making this kind of decision.

And on the heels of that, how the fuck am I supposed to turn this into a business? My mother said the Internet was a great place for burgeoning enterprises and that PayPal is the fucking man. I agree on both accounts, but it kind of confuses me as to how to go about all of that. Should I open a shop on Etsy or a place similar to that? Should I just start whoring myself out there for all and sundry to stare at via Facebook and WordPress and TC? Or, should I honestly consider doing the face-to-face business practices that quite a few of the Tarot readers I know participate in? I DON’T KNOW.

Advice. I need some bitchin’ advice.

In worlds elsewhere…

The Swamp Witch had mentioned during one of my myriad of posts that she would like to see the cemetery I had gone to in daylight hours. I had Offering from November 5th. always wanted to go back, after my Mini-Fet Ghede Party, because I wanted to know if my offering was still there. Obviously, it was. I was both excited, unnerved, and intrigued that it had stayed there. It goes to show that when it comes to the older cemeteries, there really aren’t too many people who bother to visit. This has spurred me to (A) visit that cemetery (called Fuller Cemetery) more often since obviously it needs some lovin’ and (B) go around and visit other older cemeteries.

I really enjoyed just taking picture after picture during the daylight hours. It was mid to late afternoon, so the sunlight reflections were exquisite. I’ve always had a thing for cemeteries (they’re quiet; they’re solitude embodied; I’m weird…) and the older ones are far more exciting, to me, than the new ones. You can see my Fuller Cemetery pictures, if you so desire. I expect that I’ll have more than just the one album and I also expect that I’ll have more cemetery related albums come the future.


12 thoughts on “Tarot and Cemeteries, Oh My!

  1. I had no clue you were handing out readings. Oops! XD

    Sounds to me like you draw a lot of energy when doing your readings. I have no clue on the process you use, but I know my readings never took so much out of me. Perhaps working with different methods of reading will help with that?

    Cleansings… I’ve had my deck totally destroyed once. Someone or something got into my deck and completely mucked it up. I ended up having to leave it in the sun for probably… a week before it completely cleared up, and by that point it wouldn’t work with me anymore ;_; since that happened, I’ve kept two stones in the case that I created for my deck. Tourmaline and smoky quartz. It’s managed to keep hob goblins from getting back in my deck- and a similar method could work for you. I’ve also found that putting all the cards on the ground/table and mixing them up haphazardly tends to ‘shake off’ bad joo joo. You could also try something simple like a smoke bath or candle bath- running your deck through incense or candle light *shrug*. I’ve never been big on cleansing my deck- save for the one time that someone got into it, I’ve never seemingly had any issues with it. Perhaps HtHrw could help you to come up with ideas that could work in that dept.

    As for business, I can’t say. I’ve seen KO members do relatively well because they have KO people to support them. Being independent makes it a lot harder. Perhaps you should start with internet/free/whoring ventures, and once you get more momentum, work into something that is more established. That way, you’re not sinking a lot of money into something that may or may not take off.

    Thoughts. Take em, leave em. Whatevs XD

    • To be completely frank, I don’t know what I’m doing to expend so much energy, either. In effect, I shuffle the cards with the questioner’s name and/or image in mind and go to work. I didn’t think that would cause so much exhaustion after the fact. I just assumed I’d be kind of groggy after but not must-sleep tired.

      I think I’ll post this Q on TC.

      I’ve never been huge on cleansing, either. I assume it will become important as this work continues. I’ve been through enough decks to know that it’s necessary periodically but not often. I just assume that cleansing after each reading will be a form of ‘clearing out’ the questioner.

      • I think that’s a good idea. There are more readers on TC who could probably give you more feedback than I could :P It’ll be interesting ot see what people have to say about it.

        I would guess only cleanse if it’s really necessary. If you’re getting the feeling that you need to- then I imagine you should figure something out.

  2. Ooh, readings! I would not mind helping you practice your readings. You can read for me anytime – and if you start charging, I would not mind paying for the occasional reading. Friends support each other, after all.

    I don’t do any divination myself, so unfortunately, I can’t offer any suggestions for the energy drain or the cleansing. Good luck, though!

  3. I may need to do some sort of read-a-thon or two to try to build up some stamina on it eventually too. If you need more ‘subjects’ for a future one, let me know.

    It might be interesting to re-create what cards you pulled, see what I make of them, then see what your interpretation is.

  4. From someone who’s done this…*sigh*

    I don’t have a lot of advice to give as far as Internet readings…I had a store. I haven’t kept any of the clients…long story there, but my partner has. She actually meets with them at a local Panera…or, for the more secretive one, she uses a room at the public library (they let her reserve it and it’s free which is lovely).

    My two cents on your energy drain? For me…it does take a *lot* of energy to do readings…for most clients. Then I started to realize not all of them are as draining as others. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that the energy exchange has to be equal…so if you’re giving the readings away, you might find that it’s more draining than the ones you get paid for…and that even then, some will be worse than others. I’ve also found that the more difficult readings…people who are blocking, people with lots of drama, and people who are psychic vampires, are just going to be rough energetically no matter what.

    There’s an energy imbalance. I haven’t figured out anything you can do about it, honestly, but I would love to! You may find you have to limit the number of readings you do in any day…make sure you remember that when you’re figuring out what to charge!

    As far as cleansing goes, it depends on where you’re doing the readings, but I’ve always found a good smudge stick or incense works really well between the readings, then something more potent for the overnight cleansings. I like to leave my on one of my altars (different altars, different decks or pendulums, lol). My peeps seem to be able to get all kinds of nasties off my various tools.

    Just my 2 cents plus change (I do tend to ramble, don’t I?) Hope it helps!

  5. Oh my LORD, what a gorgeous cemetery! I LOVE that stone wall around it! Thank you SO much for taking daylight pictures!

    I’ve been reading tarot for nearly 20 years and have been professional for 9, and I have to say that I really dislike being a reader. I actually don’t actively read now because it was so draining and I started resenting the countless repeat questions as well as the repeat customers who DIDN’T LISTEN the last time and come back bemoaning their fate, when you gave them the tools to change it the week before. It gets boring and old really quick, and people just don’t want to pay you what it’s worth.

    Unless they’re a reader themselves, people don’t grasp just how much effort turning cards it. They think anyone can do it and that it’s easy, and so don’t tend to want to pay much. Likewise there’s SO many other readers that sometimes it’s impossible to make any headway. It is a thankless job, and very much a job of service. I don’t regret a single card turned, but it is very much not a place I can be in right now (I am sure that by saying this someone is going to ask me for a reading now).

    I worked in a shop where I would sometimes do 30 readings in a day (a day being 6 hours), depending on if they were offering three card readings. It was exhausting and down right awful. So definitely limit yourself and make sure you don’t burn out, because you can burn out fast as a reader. I was killer at it, but I am STILL burned out, 4 years later, so much so that I only read for other witches/magic users now, and only those who are close.

    I am likewise VERY good with reading online, I don’t need someone in front of me at all, and I actually prefer it, because then I know I’m not picking up on body language tells and letting those influence me, but that’s more of a “Now you know I’m not a cold reader” thing and then I can be vain about how good I am. XD Energy is energy, I don’t need a physical connection to connect, but sometimes people can’t understand that. You clearly do, and have a gift for it.

    I keep a piece of kyanite in with my deck. Kyanite is a stone of purification, and it also cleans itself. Easy, effective fix. I’ve also found, from all those years as a quick-pace reader (NEVER take a fast paced tarot job, ever, ugh!) that you don’t REALLY need to clean your deck between every reading. So if you’re pressed for time, what I do is just blow on my cards, blowing away the previous energy. All this smoke and smudge and leaving things in the moon/sun is good and all, but I’m a time-pressed witch! Tons of good luck to you with it, I hope things work out great.

  6. I think the others are better qualified about the Tarot readings/money issue thing.

    As for the cleansing, perhaps herbs to back up the crystal.

    As for the cemetery, I had no idea that it was so big!

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