Something About an Equinox…?

According to what I practice (a big lot of questionable things that don’t actually get done), I don’t follow the Wheel of the Year. I think I actually celebrated maybe three of the eight seasonal changes in the entire time that I’ve been “pagan”. I think I celebrated Lughnasa, Samhain, and Ostara. I didn’t do anything remotely normal for any of these festivals. I believe one Ostara festival entitled The Sister and I getting together and getting very, very drunk.

That was fun!


At the end of this week, the Autumnal Equinox will be upon us (AKA Mabon) . I think the date, according to the calendar in front of my face, is the 23rd. So, that means that I have four days to figure out a few things. I’ve already decided that I want to at least aknowledge the whole festival. I don’t want to do anything big or expansive (which is really good becaues I’m struck dumnb in that department). I want it to be simple and low-key. Hell, I want any and all rituals I do from here on out to be simple and low-key. (I hate this big huge must prepare everything to be fucking perfect; what if I fail feeling beating in the back of my brain and I can just do without it. Thanks.)

This upcoming celebration is a thanksgiving of sorts. It’s a harvest festival: you’ve reaped what you have sown and now it is time to pay thanks to the gods in question. I don’t reap; I don’t sow. I’ve thought about having plants and stuff, but I don’t have anywhere to do planting since I rent. And none of my windows get enough sunlight to make the purchase of one of those aero garden things worth it. So, it’s not like I’m going to be going out and harvesting anything. I’m also, I will add, not going to be running around naked with leaves wound in my hair, thankyouverymuch. (No, I don’t know where that came from, btu I felt the need to mention.)

I have pretty much decided that I will bake naan bread again for this celebration. I already bought the yeast that I need and I have all of the ingredients already here. I also found a new (far more simple) recipe. I do, also, want to have some form of beverage offering, too. I also want it to have something to do with harvesting. (The bread, you know, signifying the baking of the harvested items to feed myself and my family.) I found a list of harvest related beverages that I could possibly try out. I just don’t know if I want this alcoholic or otherwise. I’m not a big punch fan…

And with all of this, I have to ask, who the fuck should I be thanking for all of this shit?

If I want to go Egyptian, it’s looking like Wesir and Renenutet would be the two gods in question… And of course, these are both two gods that I have absolutely no relationship with whatsoever and thereby, no very little about them. I’m also slightly uncomfortable tossing my Egyptian pantheon into what are festivals that are distinctly Celtic and Germanic in origin. I mean, I’m sure no one would mind if I mentioned them, but… still… It just seems really uncomfortable to fit these two deities into such a small box. On a festival that’s not even theirs to begin with. So. I think that’s pretty much out.


Mother Nature? Father Time? My womb? I mean, shit. I have no fucking clue.

And that is where I am: what the hell? who the hell? how the hell?


3 thoughts on “Something About an Equinox…?

  1. I remember our Lughnasa where we had some awesome handmade bread from Randall’s. I believe that had some alcohol involved as well…

    Now that I think about it, *anytime* we did a ritual for *anything* it involved large quantities of liquor. :)

    Good times.

  2. You know… I think you’re right. I can’t think of a single celebration that didn’t end with alcohol induced dreams. I guess that means that our pagan-selves are alcoholics.

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