Papa Legba: What You Say?

So, I keep getting this whispering-whisper in the back of my head. I know exactly who the fuck it is. Apparently, Papa Legba really enjoys the obnoxious “psst, psst, psst” kind of chats. I don’t know if he’s doing this since I haven’t formalized shit with him or if he’s just going to be this way with me. You had better believe, it’s getting old. So. I’m going to go with, he’s doing this a-purpose. I also have the sneaking suspicion that there’s a lesson in this somewhere…

Something like: “sit still and listen. You’re so busy moving around that you don’t stop to listen.” Or, maybe it’s something like: “take a fucking breath.” Shit. It could be anything or I could be delusional. However, the more and more that I think about this lwa, then the more and more I have the distinct impression that he likes to fuck around with you until you get it.

Maybe, I’m nuts.

Well, there’s no maybe. I definitely am.

This all started when I bought him that damn skull bead. I knew it would come back to bite me, metaphorically or in reality, in the ass. This is what I get for trotting down the darkened path ahead of me and stopping only rarely, only when I think that I’m getting lost or not sure where I am. I take a good gander at everything around me and with a shrug, keep going. I’m an idiot that way: barrel into things without think of the consequences or what could possibly come up. I really need to look around more.

So. I’ve been thinking about having an altar set up for all-time for all of the different seasons. I’ve heard about these altars before, usually in reference to some Wiccan practice. I’ve always kind of been like, “Yeah. Whatever. That’s not my thing.” But what if it was my thing and I never knew about it because I never did it? I don’t know. These are the random thoughts that crop into my head now.


7 thoughts on “Papa Legba: What You Say?

    • I really have to sit still and pay attention to what he’s saying. I think he has a lot of cause behind what’s going on at work right now. :/ I appreciate the sentiment he’s showing me by trying to “help” but it’s making me panic. I don’t want to leave the safe path.

    • I think he might want me to do the school thing. I’m not sure, though. And it’s not like he could tell me IN JUST PLAIN ENGLISH. Gah.

      Following the blog.

      Have you jettisoned your LJ?

  1. I would love to go back to school too. And don’t you hate it when the deities are talking in gibberish and expect you to understand that?

    And yes, I have in fact jettisoned my LJ. It’s too hard to try and remember my name and password on that one. I’d rather just have to login once and have access to everything.

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