Buying Things Makes Every Girl Happy.

So, yesterday, I went to my first gem and mineral show. I had seen commercials on TV for this one and I had mentioned that I wanted to go. Yesterday, I figured it would just be best if I went straight from work since my job was a hell of a lot closer to the Big E than my house. So, I went shooting over there and was enthralled with all of the pretties. I almost want to pay another $11 to go back today so that I can take pictures of the collection when you first walk in. The pretties… oh, the pretties!

My initial intent by going to this thing was to see if there was anything Certain Beings of Personal Import would care to want me to bring home. I saw a whole bunch of pretty things: crystals and geodes and I was amazed at some of the craftsmanship. I mean, I could never carve marble into a mortar and pestle, but these people did. There was also a large obsession with ammonites on things. I was a little surprised. I didn’t think ammonites had made it into the “cool part” of society. Apparently, I was wrong. (And yes, it’s not lost on me that I just referred to a show that is inherently geeky as “cool.”)

There was this one set of workers that I just kept going back to. I can’t remember the name of the company but they had so many pretty things carved up. There were a bunch of bracelets that I was simply drooling over. What originally caught my eye over there was the multitude of tiger’s eye jewelry that they had. Unfortunately (or, you know, fortunately), nothing popped out at me. So, I moved down the line and wasn’t I thrilled to see a SCARAB BEETLE CARVED INTO CARNELIAN SET IN A SILVER RING. Dude. I wanted it so badly, but I knew it was just me wanting it as opposed to it having a purpose. Besides, most of the people were making jewelry for people with size 5 and 6 fingers instead of the normal fat fingered people. (Like me.)

So, I kept going.

And I found this table of animals carved into stones and various gems. There were a bunch of small ones and I started peering through to see if I could find an elephant. My mom was given an elephant when I was 18/19 from her best friend. It was a marble carved elephant with its trunk raised. And I can always remember her telling my mom that an elephant carving with its trunk raised brings good luck. And I was like, “Well. I could use some luck.” So, I went tootling along and didn’t think I would find anything, but then I. SAW. IT. The elephant is carved into a stone called serpentine, AKA “new jade.” I heart it. Not only is it a luck-bringing elephant, but it’s green. So, obviously, that means that it will (A) bring me luck and (B) bring me luck in money. And boy, could I use that…

Honestly, I have no idea where to place the thing. I want to have it out and on show, but I have a three-year-old who must see with his hands. Right now, the elephant is still all wrapped up in the bag that the lady put it in. And seriously, I have to wonder why she didn’t give me her company’s card in that bag. I would have checked them out on the Interwebz and plastered their shit all over FB.


I kept moving on until I ended up at the Amber America booth. If you click on that link, there is a picture in the center of her page. That picture is an exact replica of what I saw when I came upon the lady’s booth. She had jewelry everywhere. Most of it was huge pendants of varying stones. However, there were also a lot of pendants carved into the shapes of animals: I saw a butterfly, a dragonfly, and other animals, too. However, my eyes were drawn to the rings. I. Am. A. Girl. And. I. Love. Rings.

For years, now, I’ve been trying to build up my ring collection, to no avail. It isn’t that I don’t find things–I do. It’s just that they invariably aren’t made in the size that I need. Or, I don’t know what size I need because I’m not sure which finger I want to put it on. This lady had a huge collection of various rings. All of them were, gasp, made of silver with different stones in them. Most of the stones were of a lighter hue. I’ve wanted a turquoise ring, a carnelian ring, and a lapis ring lately. She didn’t have any of those stones, but I couldn’t help but be drawn to the onyx ring. It was different and odd and so awesome. I had to have it. So, I purchased it. It makes me giddy to look down at my right index finger and see it glinting up at me.

Now. I. Must. Get. More. Rings. Drool.

So, I was just wandering around from booth to booth after that. I wasn’t sure if I wanted anything and there was not a damn thing that Sekhmet or Hwt-Hrw wanted from this whole thing. I was so sure that I’d hear something from either of them, but they were quiet. I had gone through the whole place when I happened onto a booth from a guy who makes beads out of all the different stones. There were necklaces, which was why I was originally drawn over there. I didn’t see anything I liked and was getting ready to leave when I heard, Psst. I want that.

I looked around and down and wouldn’t you know it: I saw a skull bead. The Hubby mentioned that it seems more like a Mexican Day of the Dead kind of a thing rather than something Papa Legba would want. But what the hell do I know? The guy is about as eclectic of a spirit as they come. So, I bought him the skull bead. He was giggling as I purchased the thing. I don’t know what this means or where this is going, except that IT MADE HIM HAPPY SO WHO AM I TO ARGUE?

So. He’s got a skull bead. It’s so campy and I think the guy said it’s made out of petrified wood. Oh, hurr. That could, maybe, be why Papa Legba wanted it. I ist so smart. Really.

I had a lot of fun and being by myself was what I needed to snap myself out of my funk. It was just what I needed. And I came away with cool things and Papa Legba was giggling. Er. That last, maybe, could be more frightening than anything else.

Haven’t decided yet.


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