Where To Go From Here, Or How I Plan On Spending the Next Few Weeks.

So, let’s jump back to how my dreams be funny; har-har. We’ll all recall that I needed Clamato and some green tea, right? Right. So, I was farting around in the mall today and was like, “Oh, hai there tea place!” So, I popped in…
(Yeah. That’s my dirty microwave in the background. And what?) And I got some green tea and a cup to keep it in. When I was in there, I was be-bopping back and forth between all of the cups and just magically happened upon this one with a blue center. And I was like, “THE LOTUS IS BLUE! THE SKY IS BLUE! IT IS THE ONE!!!1oneOMG1!”

Okay, okay. I’m giving myself way more props than I should be. I didn’t think anything more than, “Oooo. Pretty.” And I picked it up and went to the counter and asked to smell some green tea and bought it. I went with the very first one that was recommended (which was a different kind from my previous trial of their imported green tea) because it’s supposed to be about trusting my instincts right? And, really, honestly, my instincts are really shaky recently. So, I just got what she pulled out for me to catch a whiff. *shrug* It’s kind of like using my instincts.

Okay. So, one thing down: just some Clamato to go!

I have no fucking idea where the hell to get it still. It was recommended that I try the grocery store (hurr-durr). This, of course, did not occur to me. Especially when I was at. the. grocery. store. So, I have to go back and pick up some Clamato. (Which is fine, really, because I’m sure there are some things that I can add to my already completed grocery list.) The problem now is: what do I house the Clamato in? I’m thinking a beer stein. What kind? Dunno. But, I’ll know it when I see it! (OR just think it’s pretty and buy it.) And I don’t know why I’m thinking a beer stein would be appropriate to house something for Sekhmet, but I do. …Okay. It should be pretty fucking obvious. SHE DOES THE BEER THING.

So, I’ve been thinking recently about packing up my statues and the things that I want to utilize for worship (when I get around to it) into a safe place. I’ve got a lot of things going on in my life that pretty much make it so that worshiping is just not going to be getting done the way it used to be. (And what with my new vodou-inspired attitude, I don’t need to go back that route.) However, since I stopped doing senut, I have been toying with the idea of packing up the idols and keeping them in a safe place.

I’m getting a big affirmative on this from The Ladies of My Boudoir, AKA The Patroness and Her Other Half. (I’m experimenting with nicknames. Sue me.)

All right. So, cool! Pack it up and clean it out and make some room in my seriously fucking clutteredtiny bedroom. I don’t know where to pack up the tables that they were living on, but I’ll figure it out! And that’s what I’ll be doing for the next few weeks: cleaning up and putting away. It’s so lucky that I just randomly bought like twenty thousand… more like, six… plastic storage bins. NOW THEY SHALL HAVE A PURPOSE! MUWAHAHAHA.


I’m giving myself such a long period of time because, as I mentioned in that dream post I’ve linked above, I am fucking. lazy. If I don’t give myself a short deadline, then I’ll probably get it done. Whereas, if I were to give myself less than a week to have everything packed up and put in a safe place, I’d probably start pulling my hair out, dither and dither, and whine (can’t forget the whining!) before I freeze up and just… don’t do it. Like, you know, everything else in my life. But, neither here nor there! So. I’ve got a couple of weeks to get this stuff done.

I still plan on picking up goddess-related things as time goes by, don’t get me wrong. A thing here; a thing there. And it will all be packed away in my little plastic safety box.

This should be really fucking weird since The Queens of My Sleeping Quarters have been out and in the open for like… uh… ever. AND MORE ROOM! THE THOUGHT! THE THOUGHT!


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