Dreams Be Funny; Har-Har.

So, I still haven’t picked up a dream diary. There’s a really good reason for this, I swear: I’m. fucking. lazy.

This has not stopped the dreams from coming, though. Of course. I mean, why would things just stop coming around because I’m being lazy? Things never stop because you put things off. This is sound advice that I tend to forget all the time. Anyway, so, the dreams keep coming and some of them are things that I probably should, like, write down for future use. If for nothing else, really, than to look up the meaning behind certain things.

For example, the other night, I dreamt that my car broke at the Italian-American club that the Husband’s family belongs to, right? I had just pulled off into the grass-dirt parking lot back by the back fence when my car literally broke into three pieces. It was like it was cut into a Y: the body of my car was the body of the Y, the engine was the left arm and the front end was the right arm. It was so fucking strange. I don’t even know what to make of that, except that I’m excessively worried about my car breaking down (which, is true).

Last night, the dream was hazy as shit. I really don’t remember anything except for a simple request. I remember how odd it sounded in my dream and it sure as fuck didn’t sound any better after I woke up: Someone/thing/entity/being requested Clamato and green tea. Now. I took this in my dream state, in my semi-wakeful state, and my fully awake state to mean that someone wanted Clamato in a glass of green tea. And let me just fucking say: That is fucking disgusting. Why in the world would I want to ruin green tea?

So, after a long hazy day of feeling like I had left my brain at home (probably not the best way to run my store), I’ve decided that this was a request for two separate beings. One being is requesting Clamato–excuse me as I gag: herp, herp–and a second being is requesting green tea. Even though the request came out of one mouth/being/thing, I’m pretty sure it’s two separate requests. I follow two goddesses, but they have a syncretic relationship, as well. So, if they were Sekhmet-Hatharu then, it would make sense why it was Clamato-and-green-tea that was requested.

Still fucking gross, though.

So, I guess this means that I have to find some Clamato. And I really think this means that Sekhmet wants red beer. I’m wondering if they still sell Bud-and-Clamato… that would make things easier on me. If not, I have to figure out where to get Clamato. And of course, this means that I need to go to Teavana to get some more green tea for Hatharu. I can’t just get her any old thing since that would (A) be rude and (B) make her think that I still am purposely ignoring her. And besides, who doesn’t want super deliciously awesomely expensive green tea?

Yeah. Yeah.

In the mean time, I really have to get on it and get a fucking dream notebook. I’m still not thrilled with this whole thing since I’m not a fan of waking myself up in the middle of the night just to write down a dream, but maybe I’d be able to make more sense out of requests sent via dreams. And you know, maybe the mysterious male presence will come back and let me know where to go from here.

And maybe one day, one day… pigs will fly.


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