Listen to Your Convictions, Even if They Seem Absurd to Your Reason.

All right. So everyone and their fucking brother has suddenly come upon a spiritual block or another lately. I don’t know what the fuck happened–I think I said something at some point in some way about Mercury being in retrograde in the house of Halo or some shit–but I find it desperately intriguing. I mean. Everyone. Every fucking person that I’ve met up with either via FB or TC or shot from my ass is having this problem all at once? Yeah. It’s about as fucking strange as a hound dog with no voice box.

This has a point, but I felt like getting that off of my chest, first.

Right. So, TC is like the place to be at the moment. I’ve been pretty much living their via the Internet since the new board went up. I also decided that I was really fucking sick of this whole “religion is my world but I can’t get into it” whiny BULLSHIT that I’ve been living with since… what century is this? No. Kidding. *flips through posts on this blog* Okay, that I’ve been living with since mid-March. Ugh. Really? It’s been four months already. Yikes. Anyway. Away from the rambling and back to the point: I got sick of my whiny bullshit and posted about it on TC.

And FWA-BAM-SHMAM! Wouldn’t you know it? Everyone else on the forum has been feeling similarly in some form or another. And you know what? Just about everyone is like, “KK, wut nowz?” And I don’t feel like such a stupid dumbass for once.

Anyway, so someone on the forum starts a post about figuring out what’s going on, specifically what’s missing. And I hop on board with this. I want to figure out what the fuck is missing from my life to make me go, “Wah, wah! I so sad cuz the goddess mentally bitch-slapped me for being a baby! Wah, wah!” Well, that, and I just really like the fact that I’m not the only silly willy out there that’s having issues with all of this. And of course, around this time I get smacked in the motherfucking face with… duh, duh, duh, vodou.

I mean, smacked. in. the. face.

One minute I’m having an argument with two fundies that I happen to be friends with (don’t ever ask) about how Jesus must have been a zombie and then, I’m wiki-clicking through the [scant] information about vodou on there. And I’m like, “Oh. Oh shit. Yeah. Um. Okay?” Because this tiny little niggling thing in the back of my head, being muffled underneath ten feather pillows mind you, is screaming at me: FUCKING DUMBASS! THIS IS IMPORTANT! GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND FIND STUFF ABOUT VODOU NOW! ARE YOU LISTENING? And then, at some point, my ears turn back on and I hear this high-pitched screeching going on.

And that’s where this is.

The high-pitched screeching in the back of my head has been muffled. And maybe, this will go somewhere. And I won’t be such a whiny, slobbery baby anymore.

Sh-yeah, right. Ha, ha.


3 thoughts on “Listen to Your Convictions, Even if They Seem Absurd to Your Reason.

  1. Well, at least you got a screaming… I got nothing. Well, I take that back, I’ve got Hermes punching me in the damn arm right now. We’ll see what happens with that.

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