Hi. Is This Thing On?

I keep debating with myself about religious things, but only in the off hours. Mostly, it happens in those few minutes before I fall asleep or in the few hazy moments before I come into full consciousness in the morning. Aside from that, I think nothing on it. Not really.

I’ve been debating with myself, heavily, about whether or not I should sell my herbs and cauldron off. I don’t need them and I know I won’t use them ever again. It will also clear out space. I feel bad that I spent all of this money on herbs and on the mason jars to hold them in, but those things aren’t for me anymore.

I’m depressed and saddened by these revelations. I feel like I’ve lost my childhood.


One thought on “Hi. Is This Thing On?

  1. I understand how u feel. Only do if you really think it is the right thing.
    I’ll give you an example – my sister is an artist. One day she wanted to stop doing art. She mailed me all her art supplies. I held them for a year. Guess what I ended up sending it back to her. I would be honored to hold these things for you. Let me know. I would miss reading what u write. But u must do what is right for you.

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