Shame on the Soul, to Falter on the Road of Life While the Body Yet Endures.

I’ve been forgetting my offerings almost in their entirety lately.

This started when I moved up at work a few months back. I had finally come to a simple and easy pace that was good for both myself and my gods. They both enjoyed it and as long as I gave them something during the day, they were fine. Well, in the last few weeks, things have been decidedly chaotic at work, which I believe has a strong effect on my offerings and whatnot.

My schedule has changed (yet again) and I’m back to early morning offerings. This isn’t as much of an issue as I thought it would be since both of my goddesses are sun aspects: getting offerings at noon or at sunrise really doesn’t matter so much as the sun is rising or already up when the offerings are given. This is just me quibbling about the whole thing: Anyway. The problem is that I’ve been forgetting.

I assume it has something to do with the promotion at work since that is when it started. But I don’t know for sure.

To say the least, Sekhmet is pretty pissy with me. I haven’t felt either deities, well… in a while anyway. I feel adrift again. I don’t know why. It frightens me and makes me incredibly sad.


One thought on “Shame on the Soul, to Falter on the Road of Life While the Body Yet Endures.

  1. I’ve been diligently trying to remember to do mine, and that is weekly. It is hard when schedules change to keep up and remember what you are supposed to do.

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