Every Path Has Its Puddle.

So, after a week of my new type of offering, it’s been decided that it’s not a good idea to offer on a weekly basis. The whole point was to seriously think beforehand about just what to offer. And I did! I was going to give them some of our dinner on Saturday night and some incense and light their candles and and and. Well, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions and apparently, so is the road to the Duat because I never actually made the offering.

I forgot.

I feel pretty crummy about it, in all honesty.

I woke up this morning to Sekhmet saying, Ahem. We need to talk about this offering thing you wanted to try. We don’t like it. Trust in Sekhmet to be the first one to speak up about something she feels is not right. Hwt-Hrw just calmly smiled and nodded with everything Sekhmet had to say. Am I upset or irritated? Yes, but with myself. My gods have every right to ignore me, berate me, and be angry with me. I forgot about them almost entirely last week and then the one day I was supposed to place an offering, I didn’t!

Way to go, Sekhemib; way to go. If I was double-jointed enough, I would give myself a highly sarcastic pat on the back.

And to add insult to injury, Sekhmet couldn’t help but go on about how she was “so looking forward” to the Italian bread I had bought Saturday. There were two loaves, too, and she kept going on about that. I deserve it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be fairly disgruntled with her poking and prodding at my bruised ego in the mean time.

As I lay in bed and stared at the ceiling, we all came to a joint decision. I am obviously unable to go for any length of time without offering something. So. I will go back to a daily offering. It makes sense since I was getting really good at offering on a daily basis before all of this. (Hell. The only reason I thought about changing it up was because of my automatic response every day.) We’ll go back to the daily offerings, but with some additions: Sekhmet wants the candle lit every day during the noon-tide meal. Hwt-Hrw has timidly requested incense, as well.

So, this means that I do a meal, a candle, and some incense at noon every day.

The only problem, still, is Sundays. I think we can all come to some form of idea about this, but it’ll take some fine tuning. And possibly begging. In the mean time, I’ll try to offer something on Sunday mornings, but I think it would be best/easier/more likely if it was done at night. Maybe I can give them some of the dinner we make on Sundays…? I don’t know. Just theorizing.

Gah. This may be easier if my schedule wasn’t so wonky. Hell, this whole thing would be easier if I could devote myself entirely to religion.


3 thoughts on “Every Path Has Its Puddle.

  1. It’s like she is only tolerating it right now because of the slump, and the lack of batteries/candles. But once that gets taken care of it is back to the daily stuff.

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