A Bird Does Not Sing Because It Has An Answer; It Sings Because It Has a Song.

I think a lot of people think that faith and belief should be stagnant and never-changing. I’m recalling days when I attended a Methodist church in my youth when I say this, so I don’t want to broadly generalize here.

When it came to Methodism, it was always the same. Every face were people that had been attending (or forced to) for years. You knew each other by name and knew all of the gossipins and outs of a person. The services were boring and simple. The timing for communion was always the same. The bread and the grape juice for communion was always the same. It was the same faces in the choir and the same acolytes and the same pastor (until he died). When knew God-representatives showed up… Guess what? It was always the same. The Boar’s Head festival happened at the same time every year and it never changed. The Sunday School teachers were always the same. NOTHING CHANGED.

For cripe’s sake, it was bloody boring all of the time!

So, here I am, on a path of my own devising (more or less). There isn’t any all-purpose spiritually, morally, and ethically superior book that I can turn to and find the right answers. Sure. The ancient Egyptians had lots of Wisdom Literature and they had quite a few books along the way, but unlike Christians, I don’t have anyone around that can give me a line about the meaning behind such-and-such a passage. I can ask for other Kemetic opinions on such-and-such a passage, but each interpretation is going to be entirely different. So, I can’t be a part of the same old, same old, like I was when I was a kid. I’m part of something that is entirely different.

I think faith, no matter what kind, is supposed to change. I think it is supposed to stay with you, but it has to change along with you. You learn things in school and it helps to re-shape you. You read something in a book and it helps to re-shape you. However, with Abrahamic religions, you have this one book that doesn’t change. Nothing has been added to it in thousands of years. Who the hell do you ask advice from when it comes to technology? Who is the patron saint of technology, anyway? Modern life doesn’t correlate, anymore, with the single tools that these religions use. I’m not trying to denigrate but since the thing that are all based on hasn’t changed, then how can they?

My faith has changed a lot, just since I started this blog. I tried diligently to be a reconstructionist but I realized that it wasn’t entirely for me. I tried diligently to just pay homage to my gods every day, but I’ve changed that recently, too. I’ve decided to call myself a revivalist, but this is only because I’ve revived a religion that hasn’t really been heard of/spoken of/thought of in thousands of years (by those of us who aren’t geeks, I mean). And honestly, I was running out of ideas to name myself. I’ve changed the type of offerings I’ve given and the times of the day that I give them.

Everything about my faith has changed entirely except for the core fact: I worship the gods. And they take care of me.

Maybe it’s like that in Western faiths, too. There is a core fact to the whole hoop-la of church and Sunday School (and in the Catholic CCD). Evidently, that core fact entirely missed me along the way. And that’s fine. I found a better core fact for a faith that resonates within me. And you know what? I’m just fine with that.


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