To Let His Heart Settle in Its Chapel.

Every time I come to update this thing, the Wisdom Texts that I’ve been using as my titles are down. I’m thinking that I might have to re-think the title thing.

This morning, Sekhmet asked for honey nut cheerios for breakfast. This isn’t actually a surprise since Hwt-Hrw has professed a deep love for them. Sekhmet tried them a few weeks ago and never got back to me about whether it was a good offering or not. Apparently, the answer was yes. I guess I can’t be really surprised that either of them would enjoy them. Hwt-Hrw enjoys sweet things and Sekhmet prefers the health aspect. (She really likes the stone ground wheat bread I’ve been buying.) The weird thing was that Hwt-Hrw wanted some diet Coke to go with her cheerios. Who am I to argue?

Both of my deities have new kapet candles. I have to open them and set them up, but first, I need to clear off the altar tables and re-vamp them. I want to clean them down and empty out Sekhmet’s personal box. I also want to put the condoms she asked for (!!!) in a less conspicuous place. (And I swear to the gods, if she asks me to open the package of three up again, I’m going to scream.) I also want to give a condom to Hwt-Hrw as, you know, the big goddess of love. I think Sekhmet requested them because she was curious. Insert shrug and confusion here.

They command; I obey.

I also found new containers for the various herbs I plan on snapping up throughout the next few months. I want a large repertoire of herbs that I can utilize for anything I may desire. I also plan on finding a box of some sort to do the same with all of the gems/crystals I plan on buying wholesale from a really good website. I’ve already got an order on the way. (I order black tourmaline, a tumbled blue lace agate, ametrine and amethyst.)

My gods are pretty happy with all of that, but they would prefer me to bring my spiritual life more into contact with my mundane life. In reality, I have no idea how to do that. Nehet had recommended a book that helps with that. I have it on order, but I have it coming with a pre-order I have in the works, which won’t be shipping until May. I can wait that long. So, in the mean time, I am floundering on bringing my real life actions into correlation with my spiritual life.

The things that they are not happy about are the daily rite that I perform. As everyone else knows, you go through phases where you auto-rote your rituals. It isn’t anything personal. You’ve memorized the whole damn thing and you haven’t done anything different in who knows how long. I’m at that point at the moment. I’ll have to change things up, but I don’t know how, to be honest. Maybe if I move the daily rite to a weekly thing (this seems to be a common practice with a lot of pagans from TC) and then just do spur-of-the-moment things during the week…? But they have to eat at least once every day…

I honestly just do not know.

And it’s not like Sekhmet is going to help me on this since I should just, inherently, know what to do. Sh-yeah, right. And Hwt-Hrw will just giggle at me and tell me to do what I think is right. It aggravates me so much that I have the flightiest version of this deity imaginable and I have the bitchiest version of the other. I guess I need the polar opposites in my life for a reason…

Though, I have no fucking clue what the hell for.


3 thoughts on “To Let His Heart Settle in Its Chapel.

  1. I like offering on a weekly basis. I get excited at the thought of my offering day (Sunday) coming up, and I go to great lengths to make sure it’s done properly every time. Plus, I have more to talk about after the offering is over, instead of feeling like I have nothing new to tell Anpu every time.

    As for eating every day… Well, that’s what I thought, too. But Anpu has not complained, and I invite Him to partake in every meal I eat, anyway. I guess it’s up to your interpretation.

  2. The condom thing is pretty amusing, actually. Especially for Sekhmet.

    I think I will take your lead on this and try doing the offerings once a week. Maybe I can get back into feeling that it actually means something.

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