Words of Divine Wisdom to Live By.

This was posted by SatAset on TC.

The shrine is the seat of the First Time. It is creation in motion and stillness. It is the place where everything is in perfect alignment and where everything is renewed. Including your soul.

Everything breathes, everything is nourished and everything lives from this Moment. And this is what happens when you offer in shrine. The incense is the First Breath, the water is the Nun, the Father and Mother of Creation, and the fire is the First Light, the First Dawn of Ra, the one whose tears are humankind.

Everytime you purify, you cleanse yourself of entropy and blockages so that you are renewed. Everytime you offer your ka is renewed. Everytime you offer to Us, you are feeding and renewing Our kau.

This is what it means to maintain creation. This is reciprocal. Both are renewed.

This makes more sense and explains a good deal of things that I will get into later.


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