All the Principles of Official Procedure.

The other day, I’m be-bopping along and doing my offerings. I first give over to Hwt-Hrw, who is currently pulling the shy girl routine. I’m not overly worried about it since I did neglect the two of them for quite some time. I figure Sekhmet will turn around first and then Hwt-Hrw will come back. So, anyway, I’m doing my offerings and I bustle over to Sekhmet.

I want a table.
Cue the over-wrought sigh.

I should have just bought two for Christmas. That way I could easily place them near to one another and get it out of the way. I knew she was going to demand a table. I knew that after some time had passed and she saw how nice it was and easy it was to clean and how Rowan interacts with Hwt-Hrw now that she’s closer to his height… I knew this was going to happen. I don’t know what I was thinking, in all honesty. I believe I had this discussion numerous times with myself, The Sister; hell, even the Hubby knew this was coming.

And she wants, surprisingly enough, the same kind as Hwt-Hrw so that’s nice. I already know exactly how much it will cost me and I liked how fast Amazon sent me the last one.

This is what I have so far for her altar. And I have to admit that right now, Hwt-Hrw’s altar is fairly bare, which is my own fault. I plan on adding this incense holder to it since I don’t really like the soapstone one that I originally bought (and it doesn’t hold the length of my incense sticks so they tend to go out, which is as irritating as it sounds). I also want to add a cloth of some sort to the top and I think a candelabra of some sort or maybe a reed diffuser for her. And of course, let’s not forget her plant of some sort that she so desires. I’m thinking I’m going to go with a fake calla lily for her.

So, there the table, but what do I do in similar for Sekhmet? She wants me to keep the box she’s on now, but she doesn’t want to stay on it. Okay, so I have to find some form of cloth to cover the top of her table. Then, she has her plant already, but I need to find an incense holder. I’m thinking about this incense holder for her table. But, I don’t know if she would want to have that kind… Of course, I’ll buy it and she’ll like it and she’ll change her mind. But what else do I put on it? I don’t know!

And of course, she brings this up and I’m like, “Uh… What do I do?”

So. I guess I’m buying another table. Next week, maybe.


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