The Guide for Well-Being.

Another spiritual blogger that I happen to read decided to set down, in words, what her practice should be for the upcoming year. To be honest, this never occurred to me. I don’t really… I just pretty much move on instinct. “I should update my spiritual blog today,” and words flow forth about some such thing. I think I need to give an added offering of incense to Hwt-Hrw and Sekhmet: I don’t normally think about it. I grab whatever my hand first touches. So, when I read about her restructuring her practice, I decided it was a pretty fucking good idea.

So here goes.

Offerings and Ritual
Every morning, a daily offering will be given, per Richard Reidy’s book. This ritual is very basic and easy to do. Sekhmet is very easy to give daily offerings to: she’s a back-to-basics kind of girl. She rarely asks me for anything over the top. Hwt-Hrw is more adventurous, but she’s still fairly simple about her offerings. She knows that if she wants something that I don’t have that she’ll have to wait for it, but she’s willing to wait, at least.

I would like to hold more rituals throughout the year. I don’t want to go overboard about anything, but I would at least like to pay homage to my particular patronesses on their feast days, if nothing else. I would also like to try and figure out some form of other rituals that I can hold for some other principle players in the pantheon, but I’m not quite sure what to do or for whom. I figure I’ll fly off the handle on this one and just randomly pick a holiday that sounds like a good idea at the time.

Ancestral Shrine
I would like to be able to see this finished, and in fact, this is part of my “to do list” this season. I want to get it up and running by the time spring hits. I want to have at least one or two things to my ancestors in there and I want to have some things for my recently dead family members. I think, though, instead of picture where I would hold an Opening of the Mouth ceremony, I’m going to place objects that represent that person in some form or way. I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I think this makes more sense than having pictures, not to mention, it is incredibly difficult to find pictures of certain family members that do not feature living family members still.

I would like to also start giving morning offerings to the ancestral shrine once it is completely finished.

Calendar of Events
I want to actually put this in writing. Yet, again, I’ve been thinking long and hard about it and I think it would be best if I could correlate with my own, particular, new year. This makes things more difficult for me, mathematically speaking, but I can at least say that it is mine. I can always look back fondly and say, “I created this calendar.”

This is a fairly hot-button issue in the realm of most Kemetic Reconstructionists and I can understand the reasoning behind it. Purity was a necessity in the ancient world and who can blame them? There were germs and disease and vermin and everything else you can think of to combat with. Not to mention, what deity would want to talk with you or listen to your pleas or even accept your offerings if you were an unwashed heathen? I certainly wouldn’t hang out with people like that now and I don’t think my deities should have to, either.

However, I have to draw the line at natron. Sure, I’d like have to some on-hand for important work. (Whatever that may be.) However, I don’t want to have to put it into my mouth so that I am pure of voice or what have you. I also don’t really want to constantly wash my hands or my body with the stuff. (As I write about this, I’m taken back to a natron-related discussion on the forum in which, I think, Nehet mentioned that it’s a little awkward saying that the strawberry-scented body wash is the strawberry-scented body wash of Heru.) However, I don’t really think I need to be mummifically pure, if you get my drift. I think a simple teeth-brushing and some hand washing is sufficient. Perhaps, I’ll even dare to brush my hair before I get down with the ritual stuff.

This is a very important thing for both myself as well as for the ancient Egyptians. My divination source is not the same as they would have chosen, but I’d like to believe that if they had been able to mass produce things, they might have come up with a Tarot deck or an equivalent way back then. Tarot, in itself, should be very important in my life. It used to be. It was like a spiritual desert if I didn’t consult my cards more than once a week and I’d like to get back there again. Hwt-Hrw holds my cards, as a goddess of magic, and she urges me to use them regularly, too. So, I will incorporate their use into my practice, if only to get back to what had once been really important to me.

Eh. I don’t do this. I don’t know what it is, but I can’t let myself relax enough to do this. It’s the control freak in me, I guess. I’ll try it once a month, but it’ll probably end in the same way: badly.

And… I think that’s it. That what I want my practice/spiritual life to be. For me, anyway.


One thought on “The Guide for Well-Being.

  1. LOL…strawberry scented body wash. I remember that :)

    In the end I think the Gods care more about moral purity than anything else. They’d rather I use strawberry body wash and treat others with respect than use natron and run around being a complete bitch. Natron is nice to have but it’s no crisis if you don’t use it.

    FYI, though, using natron doesn’t have to be such a pain in the butt. When I use natron I only use a very small amount, just a few pinches in a cup of water. I also don’t chew it the way Reidy’s book recommends. I tried this. I’d like to think I made a valiant effort, but in the end…ick. I mix it with water and swish it around like mouth wash. Then I take the rest of the water in the cup and pour it over myself in the shower.

    I’ve found that I get into a convenient rhythm with things since I take my shower first thing in the morning, and do ritual immediately after that. So, purity takes no extra effort on my part. For me it’s all about timing.

    As for meditation, I can tell you what I’ve been trying. I kneel down before my shrine, just breathing, looking at my sacred image and repeating the Netjer’s name to myself.

    It’s different than what I used to do. I was once very chatty in ritual, and I had a million petitions for Ausir. Now I feel like I’ve run out of things to talk about. I was worried about this at first but I’ve decided this isn’t a bad thing. Best friends or lovers who spend much of their time in each other’s company eventually get comfortable with silence. I’m working on getting comfortable with it myself, since Ausir (Lord of the Silent Land) doesn’t seem to have a problem with it. I am trying to listen to him rather than talking so much. I haven’t had any major spiritual light bulbs but I do feel a sense of peace.

    It may be worth experimenting with this sort of thing and seeing if it works for you. Breathing/relaxation exercises might help to get you into the mood. You can also try soft, ambient music with no words.

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