The Beginning of the Instruction About Life.

In reality, this entry should probably be entitled with “Calendar Redux.”

All right, so I made a decision. I was going to celebrate the ancient Egyptian calendar as I am supposed to in accordance with the Julian calendar. Thereby, I would celebrate harvest festivals during the fall and I would celebrate winter festivals in the winter. However, I’ve been looking pretty closely at the calendar and I’ve come to see some very interesting things… such as, I’m fucking insane to think that I could even remotely fix this appropriately.

Maybe one day I could, but not any time soon. My mind is so focused on other things that trying to actually get things into gear and fixing my celebratory calendar at this time is ridiculous. I might as well try to make kapet incense with my formidable mental powers, in other words: It’s just not happening. So, I did some more looking around online and I found…

This calendar. It’s already Julianized, which makes my life infinitely easier. It also helps me to build up for the New Year’s celebrations in July or so. This means that I can have time to get comfortable (again) with my other rituals before I started doing the, gulp, big things.

So. According to my handy-dandy websites… I am in the season of prt, in the month of rh-wr. (In English: I am in the season of Peret, in the month of Mekhir.) And in so doing, and searching, I see that I missed a Feast of Sekhmet yesterday (penance to be paid… mutter, mutter) and today is the Day of Keeping the Things of Ausir in the Hands of Anpu. … I have no idea what kind of festival that’s supposed to be, but sure.

Tonight, in commemoration of this unknown holiday, I’ll offer little words of prayer to both Ausir and Anpu, if for nothing else than the simple acknowledgment.

Oh yeah and today was my first day of my “I’m-a get down and give those offerings, right?” Yeah. I forgot. I’m such a dunce.


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