All That Is In this Book, Hearken to It As If I Said It.

I’ve been thinking a lot about calendars lately, which isn’t really that surprising. Calendars are always a pretty big thing to discover and ponder towards the end of the civil year. We have parties to go to (if we’re not douches that are working, such as myself) and resolutions to make and thoughts to ponder about the greatness or the suckiness of the previous year. So, calendars feature prominently in the days ahead of the new year’s celebrations.

My thoughts on this are, however, more along the lines of “to be or not to be?” This pertains to my recent melodrama about what to call myself and how I practice. I’ve found it incredibly difficult to correlate modern life with such an ancient religion and of course, this does include the ancient Egyptian calendar. First of all, there are two of them to chose from. Secondly, the one that pertains more significantly to my lifestyle/spiritual path is one complex piece of craftsmanship.

Then, if I decide to go all-out and follow it to the way it should be, I have to mathematically figure out when the wp-rnpt is based on the heliacal rising of Sopdet is, then celebrate the festival of wonders that happens the five to ten days preceding that. (Okay, so for those of you who are staring at your computer screen as though I just started speaking a foreign language: I have to go to a website, find out when the Sirius star will rise just before the sun rises, which usually happens in July/August but not necessarily to find out when the Kemetic New Year is.)

From there, I have to plan all of my year-long cycle.

I love my gods. I love my faith. I love my spirituality. I am not up for that much homework.

So. I think I’m just, you know, going to put the festivals and days and whatnot onto our calendar. It makes sense, doesn’t it? It’s not very reconstructionist, I guess. In fact, it’s probably something that most people would snub their noses at, but you know what? I really don’t have the time to sit down and plan out an entire year of events and special days. Besides, I’m not fond of the idea of celebrating a harvest festival in the middle of spring or winter. It just is so silly.

I think this makes perfect sense and this also means that I can start doing little rituals for Sekhmet and Hwt-Hrw’s special days throughout the year. That’s pretty exciting. Not to mention, Sekhmet knows that the celebration of her festivals include the wond’rous naan bread recipe I made for her two/three years ago. She loved it then; she’ll love it again!

To recap: calendar correlations are incredibly difficult and I’m not biting.

I’ll have to start tabulating the certain [important] festivals and make a list to post here. Hm… It looks like learning is still going to be happening with this project, but I’m hoping it won’t be so bad! We’ll see.

In other news, I posted on TC’s new seasonal to-do list. I’m going to re-post the [spiritual] aspect of that list here so that I have, yet another, reminder somewhere. (Note to self: Would you start dieting for crying out loud? How fat do you want to be for your reunion?!) And this list is as follows…

1. Read Tarot cards for personal questions once a week.
2. Willingly do readings for anyone who asks, but no more than three extra readings a week.
3. Buy a quartz crystal for Tarot cleansing.
4. Give offerings to my patrons every morning, no matter what qualms I may or may not have.
5. Teach my son, actively, about the different gods.
6. Buy new incense holders for deities.
7. Finish painting and putting the hardware on ancestral shrine.
8. Buy at least one new piece of jewelry for each patron.

This should be done by, what, March? Or at least, a steady rhythm for these things should be set into motion by then. I guess we’ll see how awesome I am. Since I failed my last round, these 30 some-odd goals seems like a long-shot, but damnit, I want to be thin, happy, and live in a cleaner home!


One thought on “All That Is In this Book, Hearken to It As If I Said It.

  1. Oh man. The calendar thing is INSANE! I am finding the same thing in my path. There is, like, a festival EVERY SINGLE DAY! I’m not kidding. I just don’t have the resources to do that. And of course that calendar year doesn’t follow the modern day’s calendar, so it is just like what you are saying; you have to do all this homework just to figure it all out. Let’s face it, I am exceedingly lazy. I didn’t do homework in school, so I probably won’t do it now either. The only thing that I know for sure is that you celebrate Aphrodite’s day on the fourth of every month so I think I will start doing that starting in January.

    Good luck.

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