You Are Silent In Your Mouth When You Are Addressed.

Over the last two days, I’ve been ruminating about the offerings I leave my goddesses every day. (Or, well, in reality, six our of seven days a week.) I’m not very adventurous in this regard. I offer grapes, some bread, some water, and that’s about it. It never changes. This morning, unequivocally, I was given the nod to skip the offering and there would be some serious discussions about what to offer from now on. I guess they’re tired of how unadventuresome I’ve been?

But, in all honesty, I’m a little nervous and uncertain about just what to offer them.

I mean, as a recon, then I should be offering them around the same things that would have been available in ancient Egypt. That would be bread, beer, water, and some meat. I don’t think they would be particularly unhappy to receive honest foods that would go down my gullet with the purest of delight, but can you honestly say that a reconstructionist is willing to offer her netjeru green beans in the French cut? What about a cup of corn, an American food product that never once touched Egyptian soil. I mean… olives and grapes and cucumbers (which aren’t well received around here unless they’re in a salad) are all fine and good. However, I still have to eat the stuff afterward…

Another major issue with this (and the gods agree) is the timing of my offerings. Four days out of the week, I’m up at about seven-thirty/eight o’clock with my son. I take my dog outside and start brewing coffee while my son debates about getting up. After I’ve had at least two cups of a coffee and the dogs are rearing for breakfast, I bring in my offerings. Both of my goddesses seem to prefer this later start to the day. I’m not saying that they wouldn’t appreciate having they’re daily rite take place at sunrise as it should.

However. They’re not exactly morning people, either. (Note to self: offer coffee tomorrow morning and see how that’s received…)

They abhor the other three days a week since I’m giving them offerings at around four-thirty in the morning. That’s nearly two hours before sunrise. What kind of sustenance can sleeping goddesses possibly be getting from my bread-and-water offerings at four-thirty in the morning? And seriously, its’ just wrong to ask me to eat a damn thing at that hour, so how can I possibly ask that the goddesses partake of these things so early? It just seems so… muddled.

I think a large portion of issue is my energy is completely stagnated. I’m not playing around or even remotely trying to dick around here. I am utterly stagnated in everything and I know the cause of it… I just have to either remove the blockage (impossible since it’s my job) or learn to work around it (how the fuck do you do that?). So while my goddesses are trying to get my attention because I could quite possibly be fucking things up beyond repair here, I have to figure out exactly how to work around all of my offering issues on top of the job from hell.

Oh, to be a mom full time and have time to write again…

It’s funny; I hated staying at home when I was unemployed because I was always worried about money (which proved problematic in faith arenas) and now I want to be unemployed (which may or may not prove to cause issues in the faith arena). Ha. Ha. Ha. The irony is not lost on me…

So now… My first step is to figure out what to do about the offerings. My second step is to figure out what other kind of offerings would be tolerated. My third step is to try and figure out how modern offerings of corn or blueberries correlate with my reconstructionist path. And my fourth step is to try to get this wrapped up under a pretty bow.

But, no. Seriously. Step four is to try and figure out what I should do about a nightly offering. Because I think I have to go that route. And if that’s the case… what do I do for that?


One thought on “You Are Silent In Your Mouth When You Are Addressed.

  1. Here is the thing. You are so worried about what fits solely into the tight framework that is “recon”. What would your Patrons want? Isn’t it all about them? What if they are intrigued by the thought of blueberries? What if they wouldn’t mind trying out some other type of food they have never seen before, i.e. corn? Offerings are between you and your Patrons and no one else. Hell, I highly doubt there was egg nog in Ancient Greece, and there is Aphrodite happier than a pig in shit when I give it to her. And I didn’t even think about giving it to her. I simply poured myself a glass and there she was…”I want some of that!”

    I think the first thing you need to do is stop being so hard on yourself. KNOCK IT OFF!! You aren’t going to do everything right 100% of the time, and that is okay. There is a learning curve that never goes away. And I am sure your Patrons will be patient with you as you bumble along like the mere mortal you are.

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