He is a Grief to His Mother, and His Friends.

So, the other day, I went out and just bought some simple incense holders. They’re both made of soap stone and smaller than the average (I think). One is a dark reddish brown and the other is a pale white-pink. I’ve been putting off buying the kapet candles because the prices have gone up five bucks since the last time I bought them. (I should have taken inflation into consideration since I last bought them four years ago.) I figured I would just buy some incense at some point and see what would happen. With that in mind, I had added a bunch of simple incense blends that the Sister had found for her gods onto my wishlist on Amazon.

I fully intend on buying them when the money is freed up.

The Sister had given me a package of “Egyptian Goddess Blend” incense that had come in with a pack of her cones the last time. I figured it couldn’t hurt to light the stuff for them. They could either appreciate it or hate it. I lit a stick for each netjeret and they were both surprisingly happy. Sekhmet took to it immediately–the flame that appeared on the stick of incense was intense–and Hwt-Hrw warmed up to it as time went by. I lit two more sticks today after I got home from work and again, nothing but cheer from the two of them.

So, incense is pretty damn good.

It’s practically an anti-depressant on steroids for my two gods.

As an aside, I was reading one of my historical fiction novels last night. And in it, Hwt-Hrw is worshiped avidly for a full two chapters. Well, in this one chapter, they mention that in the morning she was given oil while in the evening services, she was given wine and bread. This made me wonder if perhaps, this is part of the reason that she has grown so distant and upset lately? Perhaps the rituals that I should be following are along those lines? And if that is the case… what kind of oil? Can I get away with like vegetable oil or do I have to create some form essence for this goddess?

And seriously, why the fuck isn’t there a call up number or a website that has all of these answers?

Considering that, I might as well buy a domain and get started on a Kemetic Help Desk…

In other news, I began noticing a while ago that when my son and I go for walks, bees follow him around. I thought this was a little strange, but I kept a little folder about it in the back of my mind. Well, yesterday, it was barely fifty degrees outside and two bees followed us on our morning walk. I watched them as they buzzed around him protectively for a few minutes before moving on… and this got me thinking. Why would bees be out when it smells like snow on the air almost every morning? A small bell went off in the back of my mind: Isn’t there an ancient Egyptian goddess of some sort who is vaguely associated with bees?

After nearly twenty-four hours, the answer is: Yes. Her name is Nit. I know very little about her, but I’m beginning to think that she might be thwapping my son, so to speak. If nothing else, I can at least look into her and start explaining to him about her…

But, how do you explain thwap to a three-year-old?


3 thoughts on “He is a Grief to His Mother, and His Friends.

    • That’s incredibly probable since I don’t see Rowan being “thwapped” until later on, if he let’s them. I am however still trying to do research on her, which is proving incredibly difficult. There really isn’t a lot of Internet-based information on her. I only have one book that mentions her (besides a fiction novel I had originally read about her in) and it’s mostly vague information.

      And of course, now that I think she is looking out for him, I’m looking to find a papyrus painting of her… and there appears to be none. It’s too bad I’m not an artist because I would just paint something myself.

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