Faith Crisis.

Am I even really a reconstructionist? I mean, shit. Fuck. I hate doubting myself like this.


7 thoughts on “Faith Crisis.

  1. I’m of the belief that faith evolves as you learn and grow. If you feel strongly pulled to something outside of Reconstructionism, then don’t fight it; embrace it. But that’s just my opinion.

    • I find that my problem is trying to correlate certain aspects (such as my new age belief in stone/crystal healing and Tarot cards) of my old life with the reconstructionist doctrine. I also find it incredibly difficult to be a reconstructionist of a faith that hasn’t been around for thousands of years. How do any of us know that we’re doing it correctly? I think it’s easier for Hellenismos because there is a written record while ancient Egyptian faith was only written for the rich. Am I just like Joe Schmoe Ancient Egypt Himself or am I just winging it?

      Since I love history and learning and all of that, it boggles the mind and leaves me questioning. Constantly.

  2. You are what you are. Maybe it doesn’t fall hard into the reconstructionist manifesto, but it certainly falls within the lines. I feel the same way about myself as well, so you are not alone. You will be fine.

  3. I am not trying to sound callous, but who cares? Honestly, your religion is your religion, your path is your path. I’d say if you’re leaving reconstructionism, or at least the very hard parts, then maybe you’re supposed to right now. You can’t force yourself to stick to something if you’re not meant to stick to it.

    Like Arienwen said, you are what you are.

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