Rage Not at the Presence of Meat in Front of a Glutton.

I started using my [Tarot] cards yesterday after having talking about it for what seems like forever. I’m supposed to be getting back to my roots on everything, right? So, I pulled them out and asked the pertinent questions, per usual, about The Relationship. It didn’t look like anything good was coming from anything I wanted to do to fix things, so I pretty much just let it rest. In fact, I’m waiting on an answer from another friend who does Tarot to see if she backs up my claim on the relationship front. It’s either that or I don’t know how to read Tarot for shit.

And by golly, I had better know how to read those damn things. It’s a genetic anomaly two generations old to be using the damn cards. You had better believe that I don’t get a similar answer from my friend, I’ll be pretty damn pissed off.

Anyway, I’m still trying to decide about a daily spread. This is recommended, supposedly, in an effort to get people to learn their cards. I’ve been studying them every time I pull them out since the book I have (stupid, tiny piece of crap) is obnoxious and gives answers like my son: Maybe. It could mean this but it could mean the exact opposite because apparently, whoever wrote the book, had no idea how to figure out what cards mean. I mean, seriously? How can an upright card mean happiness and sadness at the same time? Actually, I think the author of the book was just getting lazy.

Like I said, I’ve been studying each card whenever I see it. I have been looking at the description of the card in my book, as well as the card itself. Sometimes, I glean answers from the pictures moreso than I do with the book itself. I know this is a good thing since you don’t ever see real practitioners with a book in their hands while they hand fate over to people. So… yeah, I think I’m getting fairly well acquainted. The Tarot journal helps, too.

In other news, I had a mixed dream. It was a future laced with family. It had to do with Christmas at Lori’s but I don’t know why this was for me. I won’t be there Christmas night. I can be there early Christmas day, but I won’t be there at night. However, there we were, at night, at Lori’s house. If I’m not mistaken, Beth had a bottle of Crown Royal in a brown bag and Lori mixed her a drink with some Irish creme in it… But she was pregnant, so I don’t understand that. I do vividly recall an evening setting.

I also had a lot of various images of healing stones, which the meaning behind that is fairly obvious.

In reality, I need to get my ass in gear and find a rose quartz for myself before I go insane. I also want some citrine and a damn huge chunk of amethyst for my headaches. (The small one that my co-worker brought to me isn’t working. It’s too small to combat the strength of these things. They’re like feral creatures with a mind of their own.) I also want a hunk of amber since I think an amethyst coupled with amber would help my headaches even more. And lastly, I definitely need some form of stone that’s supposed to help with personal energy because, I ain’t got none. Bloodstone, maybe, but I’m sure there are more options out there, as well…

Honestly, I need to get these things going before I go any further. Maybe I’ll buy some of the earrings I have on my Amazon wishlist with this upcoming paycheck. It’s not like I can’t afford the $2.99 price tag…


2 thoughts on “Rage Not at the Presence of Meat in Front of a Glutton.

  1. You seem to be coming along nicely with the Tarot cards. At least for the reading you gave to me yesterday. And yeah, tiny books are worth shit. It is the same for my Elvish cards. They give me TWO WORDS max about the card meanings. If I want to pursue the Elvish cards any further I will have to get the bigger book they say is out there.

  2. I really feel better about the whole Tarot thing, presently. I also like to play with all of the new spreads that are suggested!

    I’m still kind of stuck on my friend’s reading from yesterday, though. It popped back up all day today.

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