If You Sit With a Drunkard, Accept A Drink and His Heart Will Be Satisfied.

Over time, I have been buying fake plants that remind me of ancient Egypt. The ultimate of this was to (A) decorate my room in the ancient Egyptian theme I have decided on as well as (B) have a collage of sorts of ancient Egypt. This was a benefit for both my netjer as well as myself. I have reed and cattails and ostrich feathers and onion grass and various other things that when I saw it, I was like, “Egypt, bitches.” The overall color scheme is browns with gold and the pop of color from the ostrich feathers.

Well, I went out to Joanne’s last night because, originally, I was going to buy a gold stamp pad and a star stamp. They had the stamp pad that I wanted–in fact, it came with two other colors, which I wanted desperately and the price was pretty good. Anyway, they didn’t have a star stamp that I was fond of. They had one and it was utterly tiny. At first, I was going to just buy it but the little thing being over three dollars with tax, I knew it wasn’t worth it. So, I put them both back and thought, Well, I guess the akh shrine still has to wait. This has been a steady annoyance to me until it really kind of exploded within me last night.

So, I’m walking down the aisle and I saw this green glass bottle. It looked interesting and I thought that all of my various pieces of fauna o’ ancient Egypt would fit inside. What a deal: the thing was on clearance for five bucks! So, I grabbed it up and spirited home.

Maybe a quarter of the pieces I’ve bought over time fits into it.

This pissed me off to no end last night and I came really close to just throwing it against the wall and smashing it to bits.

Instead, I threw what I could into it and put the rest of the other stuff into the old vase I had sitting around. I stared at the whole thing in irritation and left the room. I’m still pretty irritated. I’m half tempted to dump the sand back into the old vase (easier said than done) and replacing all of the pieces in the old vase I had lying around. It wasn’t supposed to be the home of all of these pieces, but it looks the best when swirled in that bigger vase. I don’t know, though. That will leave me with a giant green piece of blown glass that I have no idea what to do with.

Maybe I was meant to buy it for The Sister…? I don’t know! Gah.

I hate having these unfinished projects lying around but I just don’t feel like I have the energy to complete them.

Honestly, though, I need to get my ass in gear with the akh shrine. The thing has been sitting there without its doors for over a month. Hell, I think it was in September that I got the damn thing, so maybe a month in a half? I have to get either paint (intrigued by this, but not quite sure about it) so that I can paint gold and silver stars all over it, like the sky. Then, I’m like, well, painting is a little beyond me since I’m no artist in that arena, so I figured on gold/silver stamp pads with a star for a stamp. However, if Michael’s has the same selection of tiny star stamps, then it looks like paint it is.

And honestly? How am I supposed to do all of this? The cabinet for the akh shrine isn’t exactly small and I still need to find hinges for the damn thing. Ugh. The Rocky’s right by Joanne’s was useless. I plan on take the door to Lowe’s or Home Depot and demand their help. The guy who was at the store last night was just like, “Look over there.” And I was like, “Wait, what?” I should have just grabbed the door and lugged hte fucking thing with me so that people would understand what I’m talking about. Gah.

And another thing? When am I supposed to do all of this stuff? If I’m not raging in my personal hatred of myself, then I’m cleaning, cooking, and being a mom. I can’t see taking a break from any of that to sit around for a few hours to slam a stamp against my cabinetry. And my son helping? I shudder to think. He’s more a hinderer than a helper, anyway.

So, projects galore but no energy, time, or idea on when to finish/how to finish. Woo hoo! I love being stretched so thin.

2 thoughts on “If You Sit With a Drunkard, Accept A Drink and His Heart Will Be Satisfied.

  1. Yeah I get the feeling. Sometimes it sucks having a shit ton of stuff to do. I can help you with the stamping process, either doing it with you, or trying to distract Rowan from hindering you.

    Michaels should have a MUCH bigger selection of stamps. It can’t hurt to go there and look. Let’s make a date out of it lol. That way I can find greenery for Aphrodite too!

    Everything will work out in it’s own time.

  2. I figured you and I would be stamping it. I doubt we’ll get it done in one fell swoop. There’s a lot of space to cover.

    I just have to have patience, which is not happening.

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