A Mouthful of Melon Supports the Heart.

If it isn’t the pan, then I’ve jumped into the fire.

Hwt-Hrw is rather pissed off at me. Well, I assume that she’s pissed because she stopped talking to me, at me, around me, near me, in my dreams, or so much as looking at me. So, she’s been utterly devoid of anything. She practically does the “harumph” when I give her the daily offering. I can see her tapping her foot, her arms folded over her chest, and rolling her eyes. This is aggravating, mostly since I just got passed Sekhmet’s last little spat.

A new pain in the ass already?

Okay, well, this started last week. Hwt-Hrw overheard me mention that The Sister had to finish Aphrodite’s altar to repay her for fixing a mistake The Sister made. All right, fine. I don’t usually censure myself in front of my friends or my family, so I’m not going to do so in front of deities. I didn’t think the conversation would have any backlash, but it did. The Sister, specifically, has to get a plant for her patroness because that’s what she wants. Well, this got Hwt-Hrw thinking about her shrine.

She realized that I’ve pretty much just left it to sit for a while. I put the shelves up and put the Tarot cards in the case up, as well as the statue, the offering bowl, and a rock I found for her. However, the shelves are still at an angle instead of flush against the wall and I haven’t quite decided what else to place on the altar in question. After staring accusingly at Sekhmet (though I couldn’t see why since Sekhmet doesn’t even have a real altar at the moment), she decided that she wanted a plant too.

“Well, it’s not in the budget. Sekhmet is getting her shrine first and then I’m going to buy the brackets for your shelves so that you’re not at an angle. After that, we’ll discuss a plant.”

Your sister is giving her patron a plant.

“She fucked up royally and needs to make amends with Aphrodite before she whips her ass righteous. You’re not getting a plant until I say so and now isn’t the time.”

Sekhmet has a plant.

“For fuck’s sake, lady! The plant that Sekhmet has was Sekhmet until I got her statue MONTHS later. It’s not in the budget. I’m not going down the aisle at Wal-mart and I’m not building you something from Michael’s. Besides, my ode to Egypt plant-scape will be done soon and you can like that.”

It’s on the other side of the room and I don’t care about that. It’s not like it’s for me. I want an ivy plant… something that hangs. I want you to put it on the top shelf next to the card box you have there.

“I don’t care. It’s not happening.” And that’s about the time I got the final aggravated growl and she went off wherever she goes when she’s not hanging with me. I feel like I’m smacking my head against the wall. And it’s not just a pretty little wall made of sheet rock or anything, but a brick wall that’s so old and aged that the bricks slice into any exposed skin that they touch.

It’s not like I don’t care or that I don’t want my patron to be happy. I really do want her to be happy. I want to have a functional relationship with her because that’s what Sekhmet thinks that I need to heal. (And I happen to agree with her there.) However, it’s not like I really want her around. And although it may seem that I’m ignoring the central points here, I do have other things in my budget. It’s not like I have money specifically allotted for altar/netjeru things. It’s more like, “Oh, I have extra money so I’ll buy this particular item right now.”

Apparently, instead of buying my son the shelving system that I liked or getting Sekhmet her kar-shrine, I’ll be doing some plant shopping and bracket shopping. This is vastly irritating. Don’t get me wrong: It’s not like I want to piss off my brand-new patron, but she couldn’t wait like three weeks before I thought about buying the plants and brackets? Nope, of course. Gods want it now.

Ugh. They have the patience of a two-year-old (and I ought to know!).


One thought on “A Mouthful of Melon Supports the Heart.

  1. Tell me about it. Hell, I wasn’t even THINKING about the plant as a serious thing until I fucked up and now I don’t have a choice. That really isn’t in my budget at all either. But there is nothing I can do about it now, reparations must be made!

    I think Hathor is just going to have to deal with disappointment for the time being.

    That being said, maybe getting the brackets isn’t such a bad idea…

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