A Handful of Water Quenches the Thirst.

So, I’ve been told that I already know what I needed to do for the goddess in question. This makes sense: most of the time, when a deity wants something, you already know what it is but you aren’t sure if it is what you think it is. A compass points to magnetic north, but a goddess only makes snarky commentary until you figure it out for yourself. It’s too bad they just won’t tell you what you need to do.

So, I have to make natron. I bought the ingredient ages ago but haven’t gotten around to it. This is my usual modus operandi. I say that this, this, and that is going to happen at such-and-such a time, but I never actually do it. In making natron, I’m a little nervous. I have to boil things on the stove for a long time before dumping it into a cookie sheet and “keeping it warm” for a few hours. In effect, I have to make it until its dry. So, this means that I have to make the stuff, hopefully get it right on the first try, and find a place to store it. I don’t know if she just wants me to make the stuff or if she wants me to start using it.

In some fashion.

I also have to start the long process of making the kapet recipe that I have. I bought this book so I could have a direct copy of the recipe at my disposal… and I’ve done nothing about it. From what I’ve gathered, I am looking at a thirty dollar or more expense on this and that’s a little worrisome. After all, I have to start thinking about Christmas and the shrine and and and… Expenses, man; they just keep piling up.

Since I figured this out, Sekhmet has been completely nonplussed and utterly silent. Not even a slight shift in her to denote that I’m on the right track. (I can only assume that I am, but I’m pretty sure that I am.) It’s like, can’t you just pat me on the head for a second to let me know that I’m doing good? Of course not. And of course, this is partially my fault by doing the “yeah, yeah, I’ll get to it!” and then just… you know, not getting to it.

So, we’re both wrong there.


2 thoughts on “A Handful of Water Quenches the Thirst.

  1. At least you have it figured out. Good luck on the natron cooking! It sounds a little… involved… but I am sure you can handle it! I am positive you won’t blow up your kitchen.

    And I am pretty sure Aphrodite simply wants her shrine finished, but she is like Sekhmet, pretty much silent as a tomb.

  2. It is very involved. Both processes, actually, are pretty involved. The kapet incense should take about forty-plus days to make. No, I’m not kidding. Le sigh. This is partially why I haven’t done it yet. I’m afraid that while it’s spending it quiet time in a dark place, I’ll forget about it. :/

    Incense and shrine finishing… that makes sense.

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