The Knife is Sharp Against the Man Who Forces a Path.

Recently, someone posted on the Pagan Forum I belong to, asking about whether or not it was standard practice to be attracted to a deity that was not of your pantheon. There have been quite a few positive responses to this thread and it ever grows. It got me thinking when I read it about any attraction or pokes from deities that were not of the Kemetic variety…

I was nosed in the direction of Hindu deities for quite a time. I believe it started when I was living in Texas, but I know that it became a full-blown interest later on. I know that both Ganesh and Kali Ma held a very high interest in my personal and spiritual growth. I also know that Sita, Rama, and Krishna held a certain interest about me, as well. I can’t particularly say that the interest was returned or that I felt an attraction towards these deities. I know I did in regards to Krishna and Kali Ma but the others were completely new to me. I had to read up on them to know anything about them.

At one point, it seemed that Hindu Paganism was where I was headed. Everything was blue and lotus blossom and karma. Ganesh, even, at one point thought that it would be a good idea to take me over for a while so that he could explain to myself, The Sister, and The EM where we were fucking things up. I would like to point out, by the way, that The Sister and I have righted ourselves and fallen out of that muck, but it would appear that The EM never got the memo cleared up. Anyway.

At another point, Kali Ma and her eight arms were all I could see. I saw the long, liquid, red tongue of hers curling out of her extended jaws while her eight arms swayed to the beginning and ending of all things. Around her neck was the skull necklace of her enemies, as she is so famous for, and she was a lot of things to me. However, she always frightened me. Sekhmet may be a destroyer, but Kali Ma is even larger (in my eyes) than my patron deity. I hold respect and fear for Kali Ma and while her interest was appreciating, it only helped to spur me in the Kemetic Direction that I am currently going down.

Anyway, a lot of people talked about their relationships with alternate pantheons and the deities associated with them. This got me thinking…

There’s only a finite number of us that practice paganism and polytheism. Heck, just because you call yourself a pagan does not mean that you are a polytheist. So, let’s just say that 10% of the world population are pagans (and yes, I’m pulling a random number out of my butt here) and only half of that are what you would deem a full-blown polytheist. That leaves an incredibly slim amount of people out there who are saying, “There are multiple gods.”

And now, how many pantheons are out there? And how many gods are in each of those pantheons? Add them up and you got a whole metric shit-ton of a lot. And they need believers.

So, the working theory I have at the moment about all of this is this:

1. You claim to be a polytheist and this incites the interest of all gods around.
2. A particular pantheon claims you.
3. That still leaves a lot of gods that want to be noticed.

So, of course, it makes sense doesn’t it that the gods you aren’t worshiping might give you a nudge for attention now and again. They only have so many people to work with and you look as good as any other. You seem devoted to your personal patrons and you take good care of them. So, why wouldn’t other gods come to you for some nourishment?

And that’s the theory. Other gods come to you, even though you are a blah-blah-blah pagan who only worships so-and-so, because they need us as much as we need them. They crave to be recognized and, like I said, there are only so many of us out there who can do the recognizing.


2 thoughts on “The Knife is Sharp Against the Man Who Forces a Path.

  1. Maybe thats why I have the attract I do towards the lwa (or is it loa? I gotta figure that out.), especially Papa Ghede: there’s a sense there that they arn’t afraid to reach out, get in your face and go “Hey!” to get your attention. In fact it’s a well.. less taboo thing to get married to a lwa, and yet in dealing with pagan communities that deal with “older” gods, you’re treated like a lunatic!

    Now, I’m not saying the “older” gods don’t want to ask for help and all high and mighty and foofy or whatever. I just wonder if its an… “age” difference thing, or even a personality thing.

    It’s an interesting thing to think about.

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