The Humble Man Flourishes.

I was seriously interested in putting my shelving units up today so that I had my altar completely set up and ready to go. Unfortunately, I need a special tool to set the wall anchors into place. I plan on ransacking Anthony’s parents’ house for the possible tools necessary to put these up. I also have to measure things out, apparently, so that I can put tall things up if the need arises.

In the mean time, the box is still being shared.

In other news, I came home from work last night to find that Hwt-Hrw had been broken by my son last night. I don’t know what in the world happened, but to say that I am very upset is kind of an understatement. Apparently, Rowan had decided that he needed to play with both Hwt-Hrw and Sekhmet statues last night for whatever reason. In the end, Sekhmet was completely fine but the feet of Hwt-Hrw were severed at the ankle. She’s currently leaning at a slight angle.

I kind of feel like this is a sign that Hwt-Hrw is displeased with me in some way. Honestly, I can’t think of anything that I have done that would irritate her to send me this kind of message. I have properly paid obeisance to her, as well as Sekhmet, every morning. I have spoken nicely to her and have listened to her comments. I have learned as much as I could about her as quickly as possible. I have offered her me as her slave and yet… there is this.

What in the world could this mean?

5 thoughts on “The Humble Man Flourishes.

  1. I am wondering if it is a Rowan thing, or a Goddess thing. I don’t know. The best thing you can really do is meditate on it and ask her yourself what it means.

    Maybe you are just not paying enough attention to everything she is trying to teach you and this was a way of getting your attention. I don’t know. Again, you need to consult with her and see what she says.

    • I think it is feasible that I am not paying close attention to some of the more personal aspects that she wants me to work on. This was made QUITE CLEAR to me yesterday, but we’ll talk about that later and not online.

  2. I agree with arienwen – when I read this story over at TC, my first thought wasn’t that Hwt-Hrw was angry at you, but rather your son just did some damage to a physical object because, well, that’s what little kids like to do. (The most special the item, the more likely to get damaged in some way, that’s what I’ve noticed.)

    It sounds like you’re surprised that Hwt-Hrw would be upset, so I would listen to that initial response. Certainly, talk/pray with her, make an extra nice sacrifice one day if you feel called to, but unless you get more definitive proof that this is a manifestation of her ire, I wouldn’t be too concerned.

    • I think it was Rowan trying to say, “Mommy. You can have gods. I want one, too.” And also the whole, you know, being left unsupervised near important things.

      • It looks like you’re working very, very hard to please your Goddesses. We all make mistakes. I know I do! In my experience they do appreciate the intent.

        It doesn’t sound like she’s mad at you. Accidents happen. I’m sure she understands that you have a child and that children get into everything.

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