Those Whom God Guides Do Not Go Wrong.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard the voice of Sekhmet. She has been curiously silent since our argument about where I was going to put Hwt-Hrw when she showed up. (As a reminder, that argument ended with her telling me that she was not sharing the boxaltar with Hwt-Hrw and my telling her to suck it up because, by gods, if she was going to thwap me, then Sekhmet was going to deal with sharing the space.) I don’t think she’s particularly angry with me at this time. In fact, during that entire exchange, she was heartily amused by my snotty attitude.

I guess it’s always good when you can amuse your patroness by snarking in her face every two seconds.

Anyway, The Sister and I talked it over yesterday and we both came to the decision that Sekhmet is taking a break in order to leave room for Hwt-Hrw. This is about as irritating as it sounds especially since I’m not all that thrilled that I was thwapped by her in the first place. However, The Sister also pointed out that I am not the only one of Sekhmet’s devotees around. As much as I think I’m the hottest thing since toast, I know that I’m not and I know of at least one person from TC who was recently thwapped by her. So, while I’m jealous that they’re getting her personal time, I’m happy that I don’t have any more arguments to contend with.

Until Hwt-Hrw gets here.

And actually, that should be fairly soon. I should get it in three or four days from today. I’ve been waiting for an eternity to get that statue. As it is, I wasn’t even going to buy it, but it just seemed like I had to. And for about two-point-five seconds, the world had stopped going topsy turvy after I clicked “add to cart.” Then, I remembered that I’m snarky and bitchy about having to contend with a new deity after only just getting into the hang of things with Sekhmet, never mind who the thwapping deity happens to be. And seriously, now I have to revamp my usual morning ritual so that I have one for Hwt-Hrw.

Crap. And I don’t have an offering bowl for her yet. Hm. Maybe I’ll go to a cheap store and find something elegantly simple for her.

In other news, I did end up buying her half-moon shelves that I’ve wanted for her altar. I had more money left over than I thought I would this month, so I purchased the shelves just to get that out of the way. Once Sekhmet makes her mighty return, I’ll inform her that she’ll only have to share the boxaltar with Hwt-Hrw for about four days to two weeks. I don’t think Sekhmet will mind that as long as she knows that there is an end in sight.

And then, I’ll have two patronesses to please. Let’s hope I can do that properly.


One thought on “Those Whom God Guides Do Not Go Wrong.

  1. I think that you can honour both patronesses without too much trouble. From what you have told me about your experience with Hwt-Hrw so far she seems pretty easy going. I am sure she will be patient with you as you stumble along trying to get things right. Sekhmet is a little more of a hardass, but I think you will be fine on that end as well. I honestly think that she is taking a small step back in order to leave room for the new patroness coming in, giving you a little room to figure stuff out. I am sure that once the newness wears off she will be back in full swing.

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