A Woman With Happy Heart Brings Equilibrium.

I think the reason I’m so nervous about actually following through with Hwt-Hrw is because of her role as a love/sexual/sensuality goddess. None of these aspects are even remotely a part of who I am. I know why she is around–she wants me to get in touch with that side of myself again because, by constantly repressing it, I’ve become such a cold-hearted bitch–however, the whole idea frightens me. I am so scared of the whole sex/sensuality thing that even coming into contact with a goddess that has even the slightest hint of it bothers me.

No. It just fucking freaks me out.

However, it’s too late now to go back to ignoring this current thwap. I have nothing to say now because I bought her statue today. I don’t know when it will get here, but it’s a done deal. My second patroness is Hwt-Hrw and I am committed to this path now. I don’t have a place to put her, so I’m going to have to move Sekhmet over on the boxaltar for now.

On that front… I went to buy the half-moon floating shelves that I found on Amazon for Hwt-Hrw’s altar. She seemed really intrigued by the idea of having a set of shelves as her altar area. As time went by, I assumed that I would just start adding pieces to it. Obviously, the large shelf (because it’s three shelves that are different sizes) would hold her specific offering bowls on it and the rest would be things that I’ve given to her over the years. However, since the shelves are only eight dollars the shipping is exponentially retarded and the whole order (statue and two sets of three shelves) would have cost my eighty dollars. So, I nixed buying the shelves online since shipping was too high for me.

Maybe I’ll buy some unfinished ones and varnish them myself. Maybe I can find something cheap at Home Depot or Lowe’s…

Since Hwt-Hrw decided she enjoyed the half-moon shelf idea for an altar, I haven’t heard a peep from Sekhmet about her kar-shrine. In fact, I think she’s kind of miffed that I didn’t come up with the innovative shelf idea for her shrine. So, I might end up doing the same thing for her. I don’t know what kind of shelves to use for her, though. I think it would be kind of unoriginal if I biffed the same idea that I was using for Hwt-Hrw for her… Still, she hasn’t said anything either way.

She’s mostly just been… there.

That’s comforting.


One thought on “A Woman With Happy Heart Brings Equilibrium.

  1. What about the window cabinet? That was a kind of cool idea. I think if you do something similar to Hwt-Hrw it would take away the specialness of it.

    I understand how you feel about being thwapped by this deity. It can be hard when you have been repressing your sexual side for as many years as you have. Just remember to take it at the pace that feels comfortable to you, but not turtle slow. It will take some getting used to. I know you can do this.

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