Exuberance is a Good Stimulus Towards Action, but The Inner Light Grows in Silence and Concentration.

Tomorrow is the final day of the Egyptian New Year. Originally, my plans went along the lines of some smiting and some cake-eating. In recent days, I have long since decided that the best way to end my year is to pledge the following, and every other, entirely to my main patron, Sekhmet. The rituals for tomorrow night are as follows…

Self Dedication Ritual
Items needed for this ritual – blessing oil, white candle, and salt.

In a relaxed and quiet environment, ground yourself. Find your inner peace, focus on yourself, and find the tranquility that you deserve. After this has been achieved, sprinkle salt on the ground and strand upon it. Light your candle and focus upon the flame. Thnk of the spiritual goals you have for yourself, remember the motivations you have for this ritual.

I am a child of the gods and I ask them to bless me.

Dip your finger into the blessing oil. With your eyes closed, anoint your forehead in the shape of an ankh and say, May my mind be blessed, so that I may accept the wisdom of the netjeru.

Anoint your eyelids and say, May my eyes be blessed so that I may see clearly on the path that I am on.

Anoint your nose and say, May my nose be blessed so that I may breathe in the essence of the divine.

Anoint your lips and say, May my lips be blessed so that I may speak with honor and respect.

Anoint your chest and say, May my heart be blessed so that I may love and be loved.

Anoint the top of your hands and say, May my hands be blessed, so that I may use them to help and to heal others.

Anoint your womb and say, May my womb be blessed so that I may honor the creation of life.

Anoint the soles of your feet and say, May my feet be blessed so that I may walk side-by-side with the Divine.

Pledge your loyalty to the netjeru now. Tonight, I pledge my dedication to Sekhmet. I will walk with her beside me and ask her to guide me on this journey. I pledge to honor the Lady of the Flame, Sekhmet, and ask that she allows me to grow closer with her. As I have bidden, so shall it be.

After the following, luxuriate in the aferglow of your ritual before dispelling the energy overflow.

Object Dedication Ritual
Anoint your object with the blessing oil in the shape of an ankh. After your blessing say, In the name of Sekhmet, I consecrate this carnelian rosette. This rosette is worn in the name of Sekhmet to signify my path, my life, my desire. Put the object on and meditate on the significance of the event.

Name Ritual
I consecrate myself on the Kemetic path.
I consecrate myself in the name of the neterjet, Sekhmet.
I am pure. I am purified.
I am blessed in the ways of the neteru.
I am one with their desires.
I am pure. I am purified.
I consecrate myself in the name of Sekhmet.
I rename myself for the Lady of the Flame.
From henceforth, may she call for me as Sekhemib-Nymaatre.
Powerful in heart, belonging to the justice of Re.
I am pure.


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